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Bluetooth pen allows air-writing

Wireless pen
Hopefully not the company's new logo

SMK, a Japanese technology firm, has unveiled the world’s first Bluetooth pen, which can recognise characters written in the air and transfer them to a computer monitor.

If you’re into interpretive dance, but still want to jot down a few pages of your novel about the dragon that can fly but is crippled by a fear of heights, this could be the device for you.

Tri, tri and tri again

The pen has a tri-axial acceleration sensor to work out its position, and Bluetooth to transfer the signals to the screen.

The Bluetooth 'Wireless Input Pen' was demoed at the TEXPO 2008 exhibition in Tokyo, and is designed for use instead of the laser pointer in presentations.

One might also assume football pundits the world over will start using it the world over to show where the defender should have run to.

SMK is currently applying for a patent that could bring this device into the hands of everyone who is tired of the pen and paper dominance that has lasted far too long.