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Google watch: is this what the Gem will look like?

Google smartwatch: is this what the Gem will look like?
Sleek and understated: that doesn't sound much like Google...

With the exception of looking a bit silly and getting odd stares when you start talking to your wrist, the idea of having an all-knowing device ready to rescue you from inner-city dilemmas on your arm is pretty cool.

The Google watch, also known as the Google Gem, is still very much in the tech ether, but with a flood of wearables now spilling onto the market, it's hard to imagine Google isn't throwing glances in the same direction.

In fact, rumour has it the search giant is working on a timepiece infused with the power of Google Now. So what might such a device look like? We've put our imaginations to good use and come up with the following concept.

Check it out below, then tell us what you think.