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Vodafone revamps mobile internet

Vodafone's mobile internet offering is being refreshed from June

Vodafone customers are promised a much improved and cheaper mobile internet experience from 1 June when Vodafone unveils its revamped portal. However, Vodafone customers who want to use services like VoIP, instant messaging and file sharing will have to pay more than those browsing, streaming and downloading.

Vodafone is set to refresh its mobile internet portal by introducing a more web-like home page than its current Vodafone live! portal. From 1 June, the Vodafone home page will feature Google search and links to the most popular mobile internet sites, such as the BBC . Vodafone live! content and services will still feature, though the revamped portal will make it easier to access more of the mobile internet.

At the same time, Vodafone is introducing a new pricing structure for data usage. For the first 0.5MB of data daily users will pay up to £1. After that, the next 14.5MB of data usage that day are free. When users exceed 15MB a day, they then pay £2 per MB for additional data. High usage mobile internet customers can alternatively opt for a Vodafone monthly browsing bundle at cheaper data rates.

Currently, Vodafone users pay £2.35 per MB on a pay-as-you-use basis; under the new structure they can use up to 15MB a day for £1. Up to the £1 level, usage will be charge pro rata in 1KB steps.

Customers can also use their phones as laptop modems on the £1 a day 15MB deal. However Vodafone specifically excludes using VoIP services such as Skype , instant messenger services, text messaging clients or file sharing. Vodafone says it will instead charge such data services separately, at a straight rate of £2 per MB.