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Samsung Galaxy S2 gets boosted to 1.2GHz

The Samsung Galaxy S2 UK release still on course
The Samsung Galaxy S2 UK release still on course

The latest phone to have a crack at the Android superphone crown, the Samsung Galaxy S2 has just got a little bit more superphone-y, according to the company's Estonian Facebook page.

The move to dual-core 1.2GHz processors puts the phone at the top of the smartphone power list by some distance (on raw specs alone) so it's a pretty safe bet to assume Samsung is doing this for marketing purposes rather than simply to improve performance.

As much as we'd like to pretend we look at the Samsung Estonian Facebook page, the news comes from GSM Arena, which has also spoken to 'internal sources' to confirm the update - we're hammering Samsung now to see if the UK is getting the same treatment.

This is the (rather murkily translated) announcement from the page:

"Super news! S II processor, the 1.2GHz Galaxy (1.0GHz instead of the previously mentioned). It is Samsung S Galaxy II, the fastest dual-core smartphone Gingerbread painting!"

Rumours of its demise...

And we've also spoken to Samsung to see if the rumours of the Galaxy S2 delay until May (which some retailers are claming) are true, as it would make sense that if there's a new component being popped in there, it could take a little bit longer to produce.

But it seems all is OK, as the Korean company has said the launch (likely including the Galaxy S2 UK release) will still happen later this month:

"Samsung Galaxy S II will be first released in April, as planned. It will be gradually rolled out in each market according to the local launch timetable."

So all you dual-core Samsung fans... breathe, and relax.

From GSM Arena

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