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Motorola Cliq renamed for the UK as Dext

Hello Moto Cli... Sorry, hello Moto Dext
Hello Moto Cli... Sorry, hello Moto Dext

Motorola's recently released Cliq phone is set to make its way over to the UK as the Dext.

Why the reason for the moniker change, we don't know - but we do know it will be heading over to Orange.

The new phone, as we said earlier, will sport a 3.5mm headphone jack, a full QWERTY keyboard and MotoBlur - the company's answer to the HTC Sense UI that's wowing the world on the Hero (and soon the Tattoo).

A poor man's G1

It also has a 2GB memory card, which is expandable up to 32GB when you fork out for a larger microSD version.

T3 have had an exclusive look at the new Dext phone, but if you're a Moto fan, it's best to look away now.

They describe it as a 'Poor man's G1' and 'a year too late' - better pull your finger out now if you want that renaissance, Motorola.

Check out T3's exlcusive hands-on with the video here or take a sneak peak at it below: