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3 confirms Spotify link-up with network

3 and Spotify linking up
3 and Spotify linking up

Reports are suggesting Spotify is set to begin working with 3 to offer the streaming service on its handsets, and 3 has hinted at such a deal too.

Speaking to TechRadar, a spokesperson for the network has stated it is "working with a range of exciting internet brands and to watch this space".

However, it did confirm to us that it is working with Spotify, although refused to state in what capacity this would be.

The company has previously hinted at such a deal, but this is a more firm confirmation something could be happening.

Deal in place

New Media Age is stating that a deal is already in place between the two companies, and the first 3 phone to be released with the service will be the HTC Hero around Christmas.

This will be followed by a slew of handsets all carrying the Spotify applications, giving access to the full range of mobile streaming services.

While Spotify will be hoping this deal expands its premium user base, NMA is also stating that tariffs have been put together by 3 which offer the deal as part of a monthly price plan.

We're waiting to hear more on this story, so check back while we wait for official confirmation.