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Brando's cutesy new USB Cube Hub

New USB hub for fashionistas from Brando
New USB hub for fashionistas from Brando

Okay, we know that it's hard to get that excited about USB hubs, but when they are nice and colourful, feature on/off switches and cheap as chips, like these new USB Cube Hubs from Brando, we still want one.

You can connect 4 different USB devices at the same time and - gasp! - the two ports (on the top) can be on or off "and the colourful design helps to decorate your desk" Brando cheerfully informs us.

What is more, they provide a data transfer rate up to 480Mbps and only cost $12 (£6) so head over to Brando's website if you want to snap up the lastest in USB hub fashion!