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Opera: mobile web browsing up 94%

Opera has seen a huge rise in mobile web browsing
Opera has seen a huge rise in mobile web browsing

Web usage on mobile phones nearly doubled in 2008, according to browser provider Opera.

Opera's State of the Mobile Web report took a look at the browsing habits of Opera Mini users and found that more than 5.7 billion pages in November were browsed.

This is, according to Mobile Computer Mag, a 12.1 per cent rise since October and up 303 per cent since November 2007.

The top sites looked at were Google, followed closely be Facebook and

Ubiquitous access

Jon von Tetzchner, CEO, Opera, said about the results: "The numbers are clear: the mobile web is growing around the world, even in countries where broadband penetration is high.

"In fact, it is growing because consumers are used to having ubiquitous access to the Web and expect to have it wherever they are."

He continued: "But the real promise of the mobile web is in connecting those who do not have broadband readily available.

"The next billion people will use the web first on their mobile phones. Once that happens we will finally both unleash the vast potential and realise the greatest benefit of the mobile web."