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Android on a Nokia?

Android is springing up everywhere
Android is springing up everywhere

For those of you out there desperate to have a gander at the forthcoming Android UI can now download an app for a preview.

You'll need to be in possession of a Nokia N810 internet tablet, so it's not really on a real mobile phone, but at least you'll get the gist.

App happy

Touchscreen capabilities are enabled, as are all the Google Apps that will be running on the UI when it decides to show its face (around the end of the year apparently).

You'll need at least 110MB free on a memory card to install the programme, and warnings have been seen on possible crashing of the device, though this is probably just precautionary.

Android is set to be the next big thing in the open-source UI world, beating the new Symbian Foundation to the punch, so if you happen to own an N810 tablet, check it out.