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Rumor: Microsoft Office coming to iPad, Android in November

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A second rumor about Office for iOS (and Android) surfaced this week

Microsoft might deny its existence, but a second reliable source claims to have seen Office running on the iPad.

There are plenty of great apps already on the App Store and Google Play store for opening and editing Microsoft Office files, but tablet owners may soon have the best option of all: The real McCoy.

Rumors circulated a few months back about the existence of Microsoft Office for iOS after The Daily reported on a source who claimed to have seen the elusive app in action.

Just like Bigfoot, you can't keep a good rumor down.

Microsoft goes mobile

According to a report from BGR, a "reliable source" claims to have spotted the mythical Microsoft Office running Word, Excel and PowerPoint on an iPad, although Redmond is said to be working on a version for Android OS, as well.

While Microsoft scoffed at the existence of Office for iOS several months ago, the fact that this rumor is resurfacing again elsewhere likely points to the rumor being more fact than fiction - but time will tell.