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Google reveals tablet UI concepts

Google shoves Chrome OS on the slate
Google shoves Chrome OS on the slate

Google's forthcoming Chrome OS is being developed with the burgeoning budget netbook market in mind, although the search giant is also developing a version of the operating system for tablet or slate PCs.

Google has shared a little more information on how a new tablet operating system might work on the Google's Chromium projects site.

Manufacturer HTC is rumoured to be looking to partner with Google to make a Google-branded tablet PC running Chrome OS.

Tabs only system

The Google Chromium website says that tablet devices running Chrome OS would have a screen size between 5 and 10 inches with optimised touch UI taking up the whole screen, with the possibility of a 'tabs only' system instead of separate windows.

Additionally, there would be larger touch targets and multi-touch gestures including "upward dragging motions."

Google adds that the UI would be "ideal for portrait devices" and that the toolbar could be "auto-hidden to have full-screen content" and that the tabs could be shifted to the side of the screen when the device was used in landscape mode.

Via Neowin