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Page's first week as Google CEO sees key man leave

Google - senior changes
Google - senior changes

Larry Page's first week in charge at Google has seen the loss of a key name from his executive team, with Jonathan Rosenborg deciding that he would not be able to commit to a long term contract.

Page took over from Eric Schmidt as CEO on Monday, but his decision to ask his staff to sign extended deals to stay with the firm has created one high profile casualty.

Google's senior vice president for product management Rosenborg had made it clear that he intended to leave Google in 2013, and he has decided to step away rather than agree to a long term commitment.

Good terms

He has been an important figure for Google and helped put together teams for projects such as the Chrome browser, and will work as a consultant for the company in the future.

Rosenborg leaves on good terms with Page expressing his admiration, saying: "We tried to hire Jonathan multiple times because he was the only person we could imagine doing the job.

"It's lucky we were so persistent because he's built an amazing team — hiring great people, who've created amazing products that have benefited over a billion users around the world."