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One third of all UK traffic goes to Google

You may have noticed this logo...

One third of all UK internet traffic is on Google sites and services – according to Hitwise.

A huge 35.5 per cent of all upstream traffic is captured by the internet giant, with the company’s UK and international search engines taking the top two spots. Video site YouTube – owned by Google – is its third most visited site.

Big companies

"A custom category consisting of the 100 most visited web properties in the UK that are owned by Google Inc accounted for 36.55 per cent of upstream traffic to all categories of websites in the UK during March 2008, up from 30.19 per cent in March 2007," said Hitwise.

The UK’s internet traffic is still dominated by big companies, with Microsoft’s MSN and Yahoo also reaching a huge percentage of the UK audience.

Social networking sites such as MySpace, Bebo and Facebook are also heavily used, as well as online shops and auction sites such as eBay, Amazon and Play.