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Gmail contacts improved by Google

Gmail - contact changes
Gmail - contact changes

Google has tweaked the Gmail webmail service, with significant improvements made to the contacts section.

Gmail has become one of the most popular webmail services, and the company has responded to feedback asking for improvements to the way that contacts are handled.

"You've asked us to generally make Contacts easier to use, as well as for specific improvements like sorting by last name, keyboard shortcuts, and custom labels for phone numbers," blogged Gmail product manager Benjamin Grol.

Popular request

"So, by popular request, we're happy to announce that an overhauled version of Gmail Contacts will be rolling out today.

"Contacts now works more like the rest of Gmail, so if you know how to use Gmail, now you should automatically feel comfortable in Contacts too."

The new features include keyboard shortcuts, sort by last name, custom labels for phone numbers and the ability to undo changes.

Improved layout

There is also automatic saving, structured name feeds and a more prominent note field.

"While we were at it, we also improved our layout and made it easier to get to Contacts and Tasks.

"You'll see these links are now up at the top left corner of your account (along with a link for 'Mail' that takes you back to your inbox)."