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GTA 5 delay confirmed, release date not till September

GTA V release date delay confirmed, won't land til September
Complete with reliably '80s soundtrack

Grand Theft Auto V officially has a release date but you're in for a long wait: the game will be out on September 17 2013.

This may come as a blow to eager gamers who have been ticking off the days until the game's original release window, which Rockstar said would be during spring 2013.

The company claims it is pushing the launch back "in order to allow additional development time" which seems fairly reasonable since Rockstar is calling the GTA 5-verse "our deepest, most beautiful and most immersive world yet".

Generation game

On September 17, the game will be available on Xbox 360 and PS3 - of course, by that time, gamers will be saving up their hard-earned cash for the next generation Xbox and the PS4 which are both expected to land pre-Christmas 2013.

It's unlikely that the new consoles are contributing to the GTA V delay, but you never know.

GTA 5 has been a long time coming - let's all look back and laugh at this 2009 speculation that it would launch in 2011. What fools we were.