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E3 rumors: we separate the facts from the fiction

Daft Punk's own-brand contact lenses were a little obstructive

The run up to E3 2014 is one of the most exciting times of the year for any tech/game journalist. The expo attracts more leaks and rumours than you can shake a copy of Half-Life 3 at, and however bonkers the hearsay might be, we love every last bit of it.

"Elf Bowling is getting a reboot", "The next GTA will be a Wii U exclusive", "Gabe Newell will descend from the ceiling and confirm he is the second coming of Christ"

This week we've seen two bombshell E3 rumours, one for Sony, one for Microsoft, though both require a bit of close inspection and a healthy dose of skepticism.

So let's begin with Sony. The source itself is remaining anonymous, but spilled its information to website Dualshockers. The fact this isn't just the ramblings of some forum poster gives it a slight dose more credibility but not a huge amount.

So apparently...

Sony will show off 3 minutes of the Uncharted PS4 game, with a Summer 2015 release date to be announced.
Given that the game was announced last year, it wouldn't take an insider to guess that Sony will probably tease some Uncharted footage. Summer 2015? Sure, sounds reasonable. We'll give this one a "pretty damn likely".

Gran Turismo 6 coming to PS4 as a repackaged title as Gran Turismo 7: Prologue.
Back in 2013, Gran Turismo series creator Kazunori Yamauchi told Polygon that GT7 would appear a year or two later and would run on the GT6 physics engine. GT4 and GT5 both had Prologue versions as well, adding some credibility to this claim.

So the source's use of the name Gran Turismo 6 might be misleading here, probably a reference to the engine rather than the game title. However, Sony is very focused on Driveclub right now, which makes us wonder if E3 might be too early to start singing about the PS4's next big racer...

LittleBigPlanet creator Media Molecule will reveal a 'landmark' title for Sony's Project Morpheus. It'll involve "3D world building" and "beautiful, quirky visuals."
Sounds good to us; it would be no surprise to discover that a studio like Media Molecule has been playing around with VR. This one's a "hopeful" for now.


GTA 5 for PS4 will be announced on stage, possibly by Rockstar.
Various game retailers have been listing a next-gen GTA 5 for June - perhaps we now know why. However, if Rockstar isn't going to make the announcement on stage itself, we doubt it'll let Sony or Microsoft do it in place. Seems more plausible that Rockstar will announce the game before E3, with Sony/Microsoft showing off footage at the event.

"Finally, the show will close with a teaser of a sequel of The Last of Us".
Hmm, we're doubtful on this one but we're not totally dismissing it. With Naughty Dog working to get The Last of Us Remastered done and out the door (not to mention all the DLC too) it seems unlikely that it would have anything to show off for a sequel.

We know Naughty Dog is considering a follow-up game, however back in March, creative director Neil Druckmann said the studio was "brainstorming some stuff" but had nothing definite.

We'd say that it if anything was shown, it would be the smallest slither of a tease. But yeah, this is the one we're least confident about.

Do a barrel roll

Ok, onto Microsoft. The info this time comes from blogger by the name of Robert MacRawley, who cites "the highest source". But with this being the only post on the entire blog, we should all be extra cautious.

Ryse 2 will be announced, moves from Roman period to medieval setting. More freedom of explorations and a "refined" combat system.
Possible, but seems far too soon to a) announce a follow-up and b) have so much development done on the sequel already. Reads like the wish list of another person underwhelmed by the first game. We'll file this under "Not impossible, but highly unlikely".

Hugh Langley

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