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Thermaltake Level 10 concept PC case unboxed

Tehrmaltake Level 10 - a concept we like
Tehrmaltake Level 10 - a concept we like

Thermaltake's announcement that they would be bringing a PC case to market that completely changed the way that computer chassis worked certainly caught the attention of modders worldwide, and now Maximum PC has got its hands on the Level 10 concept.

Thermaltake's design – in conjunction with BMW designworks – brings a central pillar with individual compartments for the various components.

MaximumPC – one of Future Publishing's US sites – got its mitts on the new design this week, and managed to do a complete unboxing of the product.

"As you can see, the production Level 10 is nearly identical to the concept shots we've seen earlier," say MaximumPC

The case is opened

"Each compartment on the Level 10 has its own ventilation. The large panels on the lower left cover the motherboard mount, PCI-E cards, GPUs, and so forth.

"The six slots on the right are hot-swap SATA bays, connected to a large vertical heatsink. The bays have mounts for 3.5-inch and 2.5-inch drives. The top right box holds three optical drives, and the upper left box holds the power supply."

You can find out more – and see a whole host of piccies over at MaximumPC. We're hoping our one is in the post…

Via MaximumPC