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SD, SDHC and SDXC cards get speed injection

SD cards - no flash in the pan
SD cards - no flash in the pan

The SD Association has announced that it has increased the speed of its latest edition of SD memory cards, by creating a new, dual-row pin memory card design.

The new system is fully backwards compatible with readers, in that it doesn't alter the shape or size of the cards and it has been designed for use with both full-size and micro versions of SD.

No new system is complete without a fancy number after it, so the SD Association is calling this now generation of cards SD 4.0.

HD support

"Our innovative dual-row pin design ultimately lets consumers using equipped products to manage the massive storage capacity found on SDXC memory cards at incredible speeds," explained Norm Frentz, chairman of the SD Association about the new setup.

"SD can now support high definition video from Hollywood movie studios, television broadcasts, or HD videos taken on your latest vacation. SD is a very popular, extremely portable and easy-to-use storage medium that has enhanced the enjoyment and portability of music, photos and data."

The new speedier versions of SD have a UK release date of 2011, after the 4.0 specification is finalised.