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Audio Technica unveils new headphones

Audio Technica's new ranges
Audio Technica's new ranges

Audio Technica has announced the products that it weill be showing off at IFA in Berlin in September, with a raft of new headphones, earphones and mobile phone accessories.

Audio-Technica's new range include the flagship ATH-CKS90 earphones which take no notice of the exchange rate by being priced at €120 and also £120 (how is that fair?).

Aside from the unfair pricing, the ATH-CKS90 earphone does offer 13mm drivers for "superb clarity and a frequency response of 5-25 000 Hz,"


There is also the ATH-CKS50 earphones with 12.5mm drivers and a high frequency reach to 24kHz as well as the entry-level headphones ATH-WS50

Last and not least is the ATH-WS70 with 40mm drivers, and priced at £129 (and €129 as well, grrr).

Next up is Audio Technica's retro headset the ATH-RE70 – finished in white with complementary dark tan leather and based on a design from 30 years ago.

There are also headsets and some lower end audio products along with a portable headphone amplifier for iPod and iPhone.