YouTube Music 2021 Recap: how to relive your year in music

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YouTube has released its own version of Spotify Unwrapped, allowing you to relive your year in music by showing you your top artists, songs, videos and playlists from 2021. 

The YouTube Music 2021 Recap has landed just after Spotify made its own personalized year in review available to its users – and that means you should prepare for a flurry of social media updates about just how many times your long-forgotten acquaintances from high school played the new Taylor Swift album this year.

Snark aside, there's something very fun about deep diving into your music listening habits, and it's a feature we hope more music streaming services will embrace. Have your tastes evolved or stayed the same? Is your most-played artist something to brag about, or something to keep on the down-low? 

Whatever music has tickled your fancy this year, YouTube Music 2021 Recap has given us one more way to analyze our sonic sensibilities – here's how you can access the new feature.

What is YouTube Music 2021 Recap?

YouTube Music's 2021 Recap is a way for users of the music streaming service to take a look back at their past year in listening habits.

The feature allows you to see your personalized listening stats, including your top artists, songs, music videos, and playlists from 2021, as well as the top playlists made by app users. 

You also get a personalized 2021 Recap playlist that includes your top tracks of the year, as well as a rundown of your recent music discoveries – all of which can be easily shared on social media. 

youtube music 2021 recap

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How to get YouTube Music 2021 Recap on an Android or iOS device

If you're using an Android or iOS device, you can access the feature by opening the YouTube Music app and signing in (if you're not signed in already). 

Then, select your profile picture and then select '2021 Recap' – this is where you'll see your personalized playlist and listening stats from the last year. 

If you want to share your stats card, you can either share it directly from the app by pressing the arrow icon, or by downloading it to your phone and sharing it manually.

How to get YouTube Music 2021 Recap in your browser

First, open your web browser, head to and sign in. Select your profile picture and then head to 'Your Channel'. You should see a 'Your Recap' shelf – click this to see your 2021 Recap playlist. 

If you want to share your playlist, click the three-dot menu icon next to it, and then click 'Share'. From here you can share the playlist across social media networks, embed the playlist, or email the playlist to someone. 

Why can't I access YouTube Music 2021 Recap?

It may be that you haven't used the app enough. Google says that in order to be able to view your 2021 Recap you’ll need to have "at least 10 hours of music listening time across YouTube and/or YouTube Music from January 1, 2021 to November 15, 2021."

If you're trying to access the feature via a smartphone, make sure you meet the requirements. You’ll need to have the YouTube Music app installed on your Android (version 4.54 or newer) or iOS (version 4.55 or newer) device.

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