How to watch Glastonbury 2016

Avoid the mud and overpriced falafel

How to watch Glastonbury 2016

The gates to the Glastonbury 2016 music festival have now opened, and thousands of music lovers have donned their wellies and are making their way to a cider-infused field in Somerset, England.

Glastonbury is such a popular festival that it's often difficult to get hold of tickets, so if you didn't get one, but still want to see the likes of Muse, Adele, ELO, ZZ Top and many more artists strut the stage, then read on for how you can watch Glastonbury Festival 2016 at home.

How to watch Glastonbury 2016 on TV

The BBC has been covering Glastonbury for 20 years now, and in that time it's got very good at providing extensive coverage of the festival. This year the BBC will be showing over 30 hours of TV coverage across BBC One, BBC Two, BBC Four and the interactive Red Button.

How to watch Glastonbury 2016

To find out what artists will be covered, head over to the BBC's Glastonbury 2016 Line up website which will tell you when the live coverage begins. You can sort by day or find the artists you're interested in with the A – Z view.

If you have a BBC ID – or you sign up for one – you can add live performances to your favourites, making your very own festival schedule.

How to listen to Glastonbury 2016 on the radio

How to watch Glastonbury 2016

Along with TV coverage, the BBC will also be providing a huge amount – over 60 hours worth – of Glastonbury 2016 coverage across BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 1Xtra, BBC Radio 2, BBC 6 Music and BBC Asian Network.

To keep track of the radio coverage of Glastonbury 2016, either tune in to your favourite station (there's a good chance it will be covering Glastonbury), or check out the BBC Radio Glastonbury webpage.

How to watch or listen to Glastonbury 2016 online

The BBC will be showing live performances on its now online-only channel, BBC Three.

You can also watch BBC channels live online using the BBC iPlayer, so you won't miss out on any coverage of Glastonbury 2016 if you're not near a TV.

As well as watching live, the BBC iPlayer will make the coverage available to stream for a month afterwards, so you don't have to worry about missing out on any of your favourite bands.

The BBC 's radio coverage will also be put online for streaming through the iPlayer website.

How to watch or listen to Glastonbury 2016 on your smartphone

How to watch Glastonbury 2016

Glastonbury 2016 has an official app available for Apple iOS and Android devices, and while it's mainly for use by people at the festival, it can still be handy for keeping up with line up changes and announcements.

Unlike previous years you can't stream performances from the app, but luckily the BBC (once again) has you covered with its iPlayer app for iOS and Android (and other mobile platforms).

The BBC iPlayer Radio app (iOS and Android) will hold the radio coverage of the event.

Spotify has also made a Glastonbury playlist, which although doesn't contain live performances from the festival, it does contain hits from many of the bands that are playing to help you get into the spirit.

Check out the webcam

How to watch Glastonbury 2016

The BBC also has a live webcam of the festival, which can help you feel like you're there – and if it gets any more muddy then you may be glad you aren't.

While this guide seems pretty BBC-heavy it's because the breadth of coverage, and online streaming options, means many of the BBC's services are the best way to enjoy Glastonbury 2016 from your own home.