Canon metering modes: how to get perfectly exposed images in any situation

Canon metering modes: how to use Spot and Partial metering

Spot and Partial metering enable you to take targeted exposure readings of a subject. This is useful if you're photographing a small-in-the-frame subject against a very bright or dark background.

Simply point the lens so the centre AF point is positioned over the subject, dab the shutter release to activate the meter and then press the AE (Auto Exposure) Lock button to keep that exposure setting locked in - you're then free to re-frame the shot for the best composition.

Partial is the easiest of the two metering modes to work with, as it meters from a slightly larger area and doesn't require such pin-point precision as Spot metering.

Problem: Taking a reading from a dark subject makes the picture too bright
Better: Dial in negative compensation, or Spot-meter a midtone instead

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Problem: Taking a reading from a white or bright subject makes the picture appear too dark
Better: Dial in positive compensation, or Spot meter a midtone instead

Problem: None - the exposure appears almost 'spot on'
Better: Dialling in 1/3 to 2/3 negative exposure compensation can preserve delicate highlight detail

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