Canon metering modes: how to get perfectly exposed images in any situation

Canon metering modes: how to meter in Live View

Evaluative is the only metering mode that's available in Live View - here's how to make the most of it

Step 1: Focus point
Evaluative metering is biased towards the focus point, and as you move this around the screen you'll see the image get brighter when you highlight a dark area, or darker when you highlight a bright area.

Step 2: View the histogram
Pressing INFO reveals the live histogram, enabling you to see how underexposed or overexposed a photo may be before you take the shot. Here, with the focus point on snow, the histogram shows underexposure.

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Step 3: Tweak the exposure
By rotating the Quick control dial you can make the exposure brighter (turn the dial right) or darker (turn the dial left) - the on-screen exposure indicator will move right or left as you do so.

Step 4: Take the shot
Here we've dialled in one and a third stops of positive compensation to make the snow white - notice that the histogram has shifted to the right. After you take the shot, remember to reset the exposure compensation.

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