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How to find an Apple Watch

Our guide to find your Apple Watch

How to find an Apple Watch
Image Credit: TechRadar

The problem with small devices such as your Apple Watch is that they’re easily lost. But Apple’s thought of that, and it can find your Apple Watch whether it’s down the side of the sofa, left at work or stolen.

Apple Watches tend to go missing in three ways. One, you’ve put it down somewhere at home and can’t find it; two, you’ve put it down somewhere else and can’t find it; or three, it’s been stolen.

If it’s the first one you can play a sound to locate it; if it’s the second or third you can find out where in the world it is and either put it into Lost Mode or erase it completely.

If you put your Watch into Lost Mode it locks the Watch and displays a message on screen – “This Apple Watch has been lost. Please call me” – followed by the number you specify. It also means anyone who finds it can’t erase it or pair it with another iPhone.

Apple’s finding features are really useful, but unfortunately they aren’t miracle workers. You must have enabled Find My Phone on your Watch in order to use the finding features, and your Watch needs to have an internet connection in order to contact iCloud.

If you think your Watch has been lost or has been stolen and you can’t locate it, there are some additional steps to follow. The first one is to set Lock Mode anyway so it’ll kick in the moment the Watch gets connected. The second one is to change your Apple ID password immediately so that your Watch can’t access anything or wreak havoc with your iCloud account. And the third step is to report the loss to the police.

In this tutorial we’ll locate our watch from our iPhone but you can also log in at or use Find My Phone on iPad.

1. Open the app 

 Image Credit: TechRadar 

 Image Credit: TechRadar 

Grab your iPhone and open the Watch app. You should see a screen like the one above one, with your Watch (or if you’re fancy, Watches) listed. Tap on the one you want to find. 

2. Tap the info icon 

There’s nothing much to do here apart from tap on the little "i" icon, so let’s do that. 

3. Find your watch 

Tap the cunningly named Find My Apple Watch link. This opens the Find My Phone app with your Apple Watch pre-selected. 

4. Wait a moment 

Image Credit: TechRadar

Image Credit: TechRadar

At first you’ll see this screen, which pops up even if your Watch is online: give it a moment and it’ll usually pick up the Watch’s location. If your watch isn’t online you can use the Notify When Found link, which will contact you the moment the Watch goes online again. 

5. See the location 

When your Watch is online, it’ll broadcast its location and your app will enable you to zoom in to street level and see where it is. 

6. Make some noise 

If the location is where you are, tap on Actions and Play Sound to make your watch sound an alarm so you can find out where you’ve left it. And if it’s somewhere else, you can put it into Lost Mode or remotely erase it altogether.