Dyson's first-ever vacuum that's also a mop should make cleaning your home a breeze

The V15s Detect Submarine vacuum cleaner and mop being used to clean up stains caused by pets and cooking
(Image credit: Dyson)

  • Dyson's first-ever vacuum mop is coming to the UK
  • It's launching on Wednesday March 6
  • It'll cost £799.99

Following its launch in other parts of the world last year, Dyson has announced that its first ever mop-come-cordless-vacuum-cleaner – the V15s Detect Submarine – is finally set to launch in the UK on Wednesday March 6 for £799.

This combo cleaning machine has everything we know and love from the regular Dyson V15 Detect vacuum – we gave the Absolute model a five-star review – including a variety of cleaning heads for different surfaces and tasks, a Dyson Hyperium motor that can spin at up to 125,000 rpm for supreme suction, and an LCD screen that provides a read out of how well you’ve cleaned so far.

But the Submarine model takes things up a gear with an all-new wet roller head so you can use your V15 to both mop and vacuum hard floors. 

Combination mops and vacuums aren’t new in the cleaning world – the best robot vacuums list (which which is currently topped by the iRobot Combo j9 Plus review) has featured models that incorporated both functions for years – but the V15s Detect Submarine is Dyson’s first.

So if you’ve been waiting to upgrade your Dyson cleaning tool this could be the model you’ve been waiting for as it’s set to be a solid expansion of what a Dyson vacuum is capable of.

The V15s Detect Submarine vacuum cleaner and mop being used to clean up stains caused by pets and cooking

(Image credit: Dyson)

How does the Submarine mop?

Clipped to the Dyson vacuum just like its other attachments, the Submarine head first needs to be topped up with water – the clean tank can hold up to 300ml of liquid, that can cover about 110 square metres according to Dyson itself. 

This is about enough water to clean one large room. So if you’re looking to mop multiple large hard surfaces you’ll need to be prepared to refill that water tank a few times per clean. Thankfully the LCD screen will show you how much water is left in the tank so you know if you need to refill it or not.

This water is then put to use by the Submarine’s eight water jets and roller system. The water jets keep the roller damp without oversaturating it while its microfibres spin to clean up stains and messes on your floor. This waste dirty water and any dirty debris is transferred in a slightly larger 360ml tank that you can empty and wash between cleans.

If the Dyson V15S Submarine model sounds like it's the gadget for you it'll set you back £799.99 when it launches on Wednesday March 6 on Dyson's official website. Alternatively, if you'd rather have a vacuum that's just a vacuum or you don't have many hard floors to mop you might prefer the Dyson V15 Detect Absolute which will currently cost you £599.99.

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