Act fast! This massive Dyson Airwrap discount won't be around for long

The Dyson Airwrap in its box with all of its parts, a sign next to it says Big Savings.
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If you’re after a rare Dyson Airwrap deal then you need to act fast as they’re currently a third off on Dyson’s official outlet shop on eBay (that’s £160 off the full price). This might just be the best Black Friday Dyson Airwrap deal this year.

The only catch is that the products are all refurbished, however, we’ve bought from the official Dyson Outlet eBay shop before and the products arrived like new – the box was even wrapped in cellophane. Before being resold Dyson will fully inspect and clean every item, and it guarantees that no single component will have more than two minor cosmetic defects, and there will be no more than 4 minor defects for the whole machine.

Usually, the refurbished Airwraps are just 17% or £80 off (which isn’t half bad) but right now you can use code DYSON20NOV to save an additional 20% – which comes to an extra £80 off, or £160 off the total. This means you can get a Nickel/Copper, Fuschia/Nickel, or Vinca Blue/Rosé model for £319.99 instead of £479.99.

If you’re reading this before midnight on November 9, you can save a further £32 at checkout by also using code BONFIRE10. This brings the total price down to £287.99 which is an absolutely steal for this excellent hairstyler.

Cheap Dyson Airwrap this Black Friday

Dyson Airwrap (refurbished): was

Dyson Airwrap (refurbished): was £479.99 now £319.99 at eBay
Yes, this Airwrap isn't new, but Dyson's like-new refurbished tech from its official store has been fantastic in our experience. It's literally like-new (including cellophane wrapping on the box), the gadget is inspected to a very high standard, and it comes with a 1-year warranty. Usually, they're just £80 off, but with code DYSON20NOV you can save a further £80.

If you want a different color the Vinca Blue/Rosé model, and the Fuchsia/Nickel model are also £160 off. 

Are you reading this before midnight on November 9? Use code BONFIRE10 at checkout to take a further £32 bringing it down to £287.99.

Dyson Supersonic hair dryer (refurbished): was

Dyson Supersonic hair dryer (refurbished): was £329.99 now £223.99 at eBay
We'd recommend buying the Airwrap, but the excellent Dyson Supersonic hair dryer is £106 off right now. It's also refurbished, but it comes like-new, with a 1 year guarantee, and is massively discounted.

Are you reading this before midnight on November 9? Use code BONFIRE10 at checkout to take a further £22.40 bringing it down to £201.59.

Want to find out more about these discounted gadgets? In our three-and-a-half-star Dyson Airwrap review we complimented the innovative beauty product, but we found that it was very expensive for what you get (that's not so much of a problem thanks to this eBay deal).

In our Dyson Supersonic review, the four-star hair dryer was commended for offering superb performance but again was docked a few marks for its price.

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