Samsung's Apple Watch Ultra 2 rival could have an impressive Micro LED display

The Apple Watch Ultra 2 on a person's wrist
The Apple Watch Ultra 2 could soon face competition from Samsung (Image credit: Future)

Samsung is reportedly working on a Galaxy Watch Ultra to rival the Apple Watch Ultra 2, and it could be the first Samsung smartwatch to use a Micro LED display.

This new display type would replace the OLED currently used by Galaxy Watches (such as the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6) and offers a handful of upgrades. Chiefly, the use of inorganic materials should eliminate any issues related to burn-in that can appear in OLEDs during extended use.

This display would also be ultra-thin, as it apparently doesn’t require a backlight or color filter, which could either make a Galaxy Watch Ultra slimmer than its predecessors or make room for improved sensors and new hardware.

The latter seems likely, as beyond this impressive screen the Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra would reportedly boast an improved feature-set compared to what’s currently offered by the regular Galaxy Watch; however, there aren’t any details on exactly what these enhancements might be (via GizmoChina).

If the Galaxy Watch Ultra takes inspiration from the Apple Watch Ultra, the sorts of upgrades we can expect would include an improved chipset, a rugged design that’s suited to more intense adventures (such as diving), and improved battery life, so that you can wear the watch for longer between charges.

Much like the Apple Watch Ultra and its successor, which you can learn more about in our Apple Watch Ultra 2 review, we should expect the high-end Samsung wearable to cost a fair bit more than the regular models, if it does indeed exist. 

A Galaxy Watch Ultra on the way? 

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 in the palm of a person's hand

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 (Image credit: Future / Basil Kronfli)

We’ll have to wait and see if the Galaxy Watch Ultra materializes, but it seems plausible that a high-end Galaxy smartwatch is on the way. Samsung has yet to unveil a Galaxy Watch 6 Pro, leaving the last-generation Galaxy Watch 5 Pro to face off against the Apple Watch Ultra 2.

While the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is impressive, it doesn’t quite compete with the high-performance design and features delivered by the Watch Ultra 2. While that’s to be expected from a device that’s older and costs less, Samsung may feel that its devices are playing second fiddle to Apple’s wearables. 

A new Galaxy Watch Ultra should give Apple a better run for its money, and finally give Android users access to the kind of premium performance previously exclusive to the Apple ecosystem.

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