A new leak claims Samsung's next wearable will be called the Galaxy Watch X

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New information for Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Watch has recently leaked, and it challenges the currently accepted name. Several reports up to this point have referred to the upcoming high-end model as the Galaxy Watch Ultra. But Greek tech news site Tech Maniacs claims it’ll actually be called the Galaxy Watch X. 

The publication doesn’t explain why Samsung is considering the name change, although online speculation suggests it could be a response to the Apple Watch Ultra series. It's possible the company wants a unique name for its device that sets it clearly apart from its rivals. 

However, if they did this, Samsung may also be using the same “X” moniker from Apple, as other rumors have said the manufacturer is working on an “Apple Watch X” wearable. This could force a name change, and while it may seem strange to focus so much on what yet-unreleased hardware will be called, tech companies need to have proper name to establish an identity with users. 

Tougher design

Of course, there is more to the Tech Maniacs leak than just the name. The report states the wearable will have a 578mAh battery, larger than the Galaxy Watch6 Classic's 425mAH battery. With a power source like this, Samsung’s future device could reportedly last up to 100 hours on a single charge.

According to SamMobile, part of that longevity is owed to the Exynos W1000 chipset. There has been a fair amount of hype surrounding the hardware. A report from the Korean Economic Daily newspaper claimed it is 20 percent more energy efficient than the previous generation.

Besides the chip, it appears Samsung is also making the wearable exceptionally tough. Tech Maniacs says the Watch X can survive being submerged up to 100 meters underwater (about 330 feet), and this spec would put it on par with the Apple Watch Ultra as it can dive down to the same depth.

The company is reportedly holding its next Unpacked event on July 10 and we could see the next Galaxy Watch unveiled alongside other Samsung products then. However, Tech Maniacs makes another bold statement saying the event is actually being moved to June 24th. 

They don’t properly explain why Samsung is pushing the date up, although they believe it may have something to do with the Olympics. The company may want to make their big announcements ahead of the Paris Games so as to not be overshadowed. As with every leak, take this information with a grain of salt.

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