Is the Eight Sleep smart mattress cover noisy? We asked our reviewer

Eight Sleep Pod 3 Cover
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The Eight Sleep is a smart mattress cover that can cool or heat your bed to your exact preferences. It does this via a network of water-filled tubes. But is the Eight Sleep noisy to run? One of our expert testers spent over a month trying it out for our Eight Sleep Pod 3 review, and found that it emitted a low hum, but it wasn't enough to bother her sleep, and she quickly got used to it. 

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How noisy is the Eight Sleep Pod cover?

The Eight Sleep Pod base unit is not noisy per se, but neither is it completely silent. It emits a quiet hum, especially when first switched on or when it's changing temperature. Our tester likened the sound to 'a very low fan' or 'a gently hot radiator'. She says that she got used to the noise quickly, and the sound of the Eight Sleep Pod cover changing temperature (which will happen during the night, while you're asleep) was never enough to wake her up.

Eight Sleep Pod 3 Cover

The base unit hums quietly, especially when first switched on (Image credit: Future)

How does the Eight Sleep Pod cover work? 

The Pod cover fits over your existing mattress, and has a network of tubes contained within (you can just about feel these if you run your hand over the cover, but they're not really noticeable when lying on it). The tubes are fed water from a base unit that sits next to your bed – this is the bit that emits the low humming sound. The water is cooled or heated to your preference, from 55F / 12C to 110F / 43C. You can pick different temperatures for each side of the bed.

If you opt for the Pro membership (which out reviewer recommends), you'll unlock Autopilot functionality, which means the Pod cover will learn your preferences and adjust throughout the night to keep your body at the perfect temperature for sleep.

Cooling and heating is just one part of it – the Eight Sleep Pod cover also comes with a whole range of tracking capabilities, to allow you to better understand your sleep habits. Read more about our reviewer's experience with this smart mattress cover in this experience piece.

Ruth Hamilton
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