Amazon Prime Day Fitbit deals: best last-chance fitness tracker bargains

Amazon Prime Day fitbit
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It's still a good time to score a money-saving Amazon Prime Day Fitbit deal even with Prime Day 2023 over and done. Some of the deals have stuck around, which we have highlighted below, which means you still have some time to take advantage. So, if you see one that's good, grab it while you can.

The Amazon Prime Day deals always offer sterling discounts across lots of different kinds of tech – including fitness trackers and smartwatches. The best Fitbits, whether you're going for a smartwatch like the Fitbit Sense 2 or a slender fitness tracker such as the Fitbit Charge 5, are consistently some of the most popular choices when it comes to wearables. 

Below, we've got some of the best discounts left, although we don't expect any more will appear now Prime Day is officially over. If you don't like any of the discounts below, you're better off waiting for the Black Friday deals in November rather than score a Fitbit at full price next week. 

Amazon Prime Day Fitbit deals still live now in the US

Fitbit Sense: $249.99 now $183 on Amazon

Fitbit Sense: was $249.99 now $183 on Amazon
The original Fitbit Sense is still a fantastic watch, with an EDA scanner app, 6+ day battery life, skin temp sensor and six months of Fitbit Premium. Save over 20% at the moment, a $57 discount. 

Fitbit Sense 2:$299.95now $229.95 at Amazon

Fitbit Sense 2: was $299.95 now $229.95 at Amazon
Fitbit Sense 2 is Fitbit's most expensive, most advanced smartwatch to date, so seeing a $70 discount before Prime Day even begins is a great scoop. All-day stress detection with an EDA scanner, skin temperature sensor and stress management score can help identify what to do to keep you zen. 

Fitbit Luxe: $129.95now $99.95 at Amazon

Fitbit Luxe: was $129.95 now $99.95 at Amazon
A good $30 off Fitbit's most stylish tracker, the Luxe has a big emphasis on holistic wellness, stress management and looking good with jewellery attachments for the Fitbit pebble. It's still got Fitbit's advanced sleep tracking, heart rate zones and six months of Premium.

Fitbit Versa 2: $149.95 now $139.95 at Amazon

Fitbit Versa 2: was $149.95 now $139.95 at Amazon
One of Fitbit's most popular watches ever gets a 13% discount. The tactile button, as opposed to the Versa 3's solid state digital sensor, was so popular that it returned for the Versa 4, while it introduced Fitbit Pay and Amazon Alexa control to the Fitbit lineup, so you've got those features as well as all the usual Fitbit Premium goodies. 

Fitbit Inspire 3:  $99.95 now $79.95 at Amazon

Fitbit Inspire 3: was $99.95 now $79.95 at Amazon
A solid 20% discount on Fitbit's teeniest tracker, the Inspire 3 is a great option for people looking to track their steps, monitor their sleep and record their workouts without a big smartwatch. You also get six months of Fitbit Premium thrown in. 

Amazon Prime Day Fitbit deals still live now in the UK

Fitbit Inspire 3 £84.99  £69 on Amazon

Fitbit Inspire 3 was £84.99 now £69 on Amazon
A big discount on Fitbit's most recent 'basic' tracker. With six months of Fitbit Premium included, it's a pretty good deal, coming top in our Best Budget Fitbit category. A revamp design features a longer main unit that can be detached to the band and clipped to clothing to act as a pedometer, just like the Fitbits of yore. 

Fitbit Luxe £129.95 £76.63 on Amazon

Fitbit Luxe was £129.95 now £76.63 on Amazon
Fitbit Luxe is the stylish one in the range, with its shiny gold casing designed to be paired with either a silicone sports band or a jewelry-style bangle, still with the same great Fitbit functionality, sleep and stress management tools and six days of battery life. 

Fitbit Versa 4 £199.95£173 on Amazon

Fitbit Versa 4 was £199.95 now £173 on Amazon
The latest Fitbit Versa 4 is getting a 13% discount after Prime Day. Water resistant up to 50m with built-in GPS, six days of battery life, loads of workout profiles and advanced sleep tracking. Six months of Fitbit Premium included. A great buy for fitness enthusiasts.

Fitbit Charge 5  £169.99£99 on Amazon

Fitbit Charge 5 was £169.99 now £99 on Amazon
It's worth noting this number is a little bit inflated because this discount is based on the original RRP and the Charge 5 can often be found for less now it's a few years old. However, it's rare to see it under £100, making this still a great deal on Fitbit's premiere 'true' fitness tracker.

Amazon Prime Day Fitbit deals: FAQs

Are Amazon Prime Day Fitbit deals still available?

The deals event is officially over, but there are some deals left, at the time of writing, which we've highlighted above. If you spot a truly great deal on your Fitbit of choice, it's probably not worth waiting to see if it comes up later - there are no guarantees it will, especially now the sales are over. Better grab it.

Do I need to get Amazon Prime for this?

Yes, more or less. Amazon will lock a lot of its deals and only show them to subscribers to its premium Prime service, and this is what the event is really about: it's a massive incentive to get lots of people to sign up for Amazon Prime. 

Amazon Prime is, admittedly, pretty good value if you do a lot of shopping on the site, and you also get access to a whole vista of content, including Prime Video and Amazon Music. But some people still won't want to pay the $14.99 / £8.99 / AU$9.99 subscription service price. 

How to get access to the Amazon Prime Day deals for free

Fortuanately, when you sign up to Amazon Prime, you get a 30-day trial absolutely free. When you're finished shopping the deals, you can simply cancel your Prime subscription before the 30-day mark and you'll never have to pay a penny. 

Amazon Prime: 30-day free trial

Amazon Prime: 30-day free trial
Providing you've never actually signed up for Prime before, you can get a 30-day free trial of Amazon Prime before paying anything. Signing up and then canceling your subscription is a great way to access the Prime Day deals on the cheap. If you do decide to stick around, you get free delivery and access to other services such as Prime Video, Music, Prime Gaming and more.

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