This $99 Beats wireless earbuds Prime Day deal is music to our ears

Beats Studio Buds
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If you're looking for Prime Day deals on feature-packed earbuds, we've found some great Beats deals for you – with the highlight being the Beats Studio Buds true wireless noise-cancelling earbuds in a range of colors for just $99.95 (was $149.95)

Although Beats is owned by Apple, their best earbuds and headphones don't expect you to be packing an iPhone: these are superb earbuds and 'phones no matter what kind of smartphone or tablet you have, with special features for both iOS and Android users.

In addition to the Beats Studio Buds deals, there are the more fitness-focused Beats Fit Pro for $159.95 (was $199.95) and if you prefer on-ears to earbuds, the Beats Solo 3 are $114.95 (was $199.95).

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The best Prime Day Beats earbuds deals

Beats Studio Buds: $149.95

Beats Studio Buds: $149.95 $99.95 at Amazon
Save $50
on one of the best AirPods Pro rivals around – and unlike Apple's earbuds you don't need an iPhone to get all the best features. This deal is available in multiple color options; the blue or red versions look particularly good. You get solid noise cancellation, good sound quality, Find My Device support and more.

Beats Fit Pro True Wireless Noise Cancelling Earbuds: $199.95

Beats Fit Pro True Wireless Noise Cancelling Earbuds: $199.95 $159.95 at Amazon
Save $40
on Beats' fitness-focused earbuds. They're compatible with Apple and Android for loads of their smart features, have a respectable six hours of listening time and their secure wingtip-based design means once they're in they shouldn't fall out in the middle of a workout. With spatial audio support and impressive active noise cancelling, they're a superb pair of true wireless buds.

Beats Solo 3 wireless on-ear headphones: $199.95

Beats Solo 3 wireless on-ear headphones: $199.95 $114.95 at Amazon
Save $85
on these classic noise-cancelling over-ear headphones. With Apple's W1 headphone chip they offer great connectivity and good sound, and with 40 hours listening time they're ideal for commuting or longer trips. They're compatible with both Apple and Android devices. 

If you dismissed Beats headphones in their early days as overly bassy fashion statements, you'd have a point – but today's Beats are nothing like that. The sound quality is up there with the very best headphones and earbuds, and because they share the same DNA as Apple's AirPods Pro they have excellent Spatial Audio and automatic noise cancelling features too. And while some models are still very much in the "look at me!" mould there are plenty of more sober color options if you'd rather your headphones weren't as loud as the music you listen to on them.

These are very good prices for very impressive headphones, and while the Beats Studio Buds are the ones I'd go for, the Beats Fit Pro are really great too. The wingtip design may look a little odd but it makes a huge difference to how well they stay in your ear, so if you're a pavement pounder on the streets or a gym rat, you'll appreciate the extra-secure fit.

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