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I’m sure you’ve seen many Cyber Monday deals on vacuums. And I’m sure a chunk of those are on robot ones. But, honestly, if you’re serious about keeping your home clean, especially when you’ve got pets around, you’ll want to skip the robot and go cordless instead.

I’ve owned, tested, and fought with several robot vacuums in my lifetime, being an early adopter who's owned more than her share in the last few years, and I’m here to tell you that not even the best and most powerful ones can truly match regular vacuums. So, I’m here to make a case for cordless vacuums instead, many of which are discounted this Cyber Monday.

But first, here are the best Cyber Monday vacuum deals on cordless models.

7 Cyber Monday cordless vacuum deals

1. Samsung Jet 75: was $562.85 now $389.00 at Amazon

1. Samsung Jet 75: was $562.85 now $389.00 at Amazon
The Samsung Jet 75 is getting the best deal it’s ever gotten on Amazon. Instead of its usual $562 price tag, it’s 31% off for a bargain basement price of $389. That’s pretty good for this lightweight, upright and cordless vacuum that can cover most types of surfaces and uses a five-layer filtration system to pick up even the smallest debris.

2. Shark WANDVAC System: was $329.99, now $279.99 at Amazon

2. Shark WANDVAC System: was $329.99, now $279.99 at Amazon
This Shark vacuum system has never been cheaper as it’s getting a $50 discount for the holidays. For under $300, you can grab this excellent cordless upright vacuum that’s rated 4.2 out of 5 on Amazon to quickly clean all sorts of surfaces. It also comes a base station with self-emptying functionality for extra convenience.

3. Dyson V10 Absolute: $599.99 now $399.99 at Dyson

3. Dyson V10 Absolute: was $599.99 now $399.99 at Dyson
Engineered for homes with pets, the V10 Absolute comes with a fluffy floor cleaner head and hair screw tool for lifting even the most untame hair - long and short. With $150 off the price ahead of Cyber Monday, this cordless vacuum cleaner is proving to be a popular deal already. Add to your basket to save a further $100 on a Dyson Floor Dok (you pay just $49.99) and keep all accessories together.

4. Dyson Cyclone V10: $699.99now$534.99 at Amazon

4. Dyson Cyclone V10: was $699.99 now $534.99 at Amazon
This big red cleaning machine may have gotten a bigger sale this time last year but the current 23% discount is still fairly massive - and it's even cheaper than it was earlier this week for Cyber Monday. And, with a 4.4 out of 5 rating on Amazon, the Cyclone is worth a close look for its cleaning ability, relatively long battery life, and multiple attachments.

5. Shark Vertex Cordless Stick Vacuum: $349now $199.99 at Walmart

5. Shark Vertex Cordless Stick Vacuum: was $349 now $199.99 at Walmart
Shark's popular Vertex cordless vacuum is a whopping $150 off at Walmart for Cyber Monday. This model includes the brand's DuoClean PowerFin nozzle technology, which gives you continuous contact with all surfaces, digging deep into carpets, directly engaging hard floors, and picking up more dirt with every pass. 

6. Dyson V12 Detect Slim: $650 now $499.99 at Walmart

6. Dyson V12 Detect Slim: was $650 now $499.99 at Walmart
The Dyson V12 Detect Slim is a very impressive vacuum cleaner that comes with many of the V15's best features in a lighter and cheaper package. And right now you can get your hands on one for $150 less than you usually would in the Walmart Cyber Monday sale.

7. Samsung Bespoke Jet, Misty White: $899.99 now $599.99 at Best Buy

7. Samsung Bespoke Jet, Misty White: was $899.99 now $599.99 at Best Buy
The Samsung Bespoke Jet does things that even the Dyson V15 Detect, as we identified in our review. The Misty White colorway is the Pet version out of the Bespoke range, meaning that it comes with a pet tool for lifting even the most stubborn hair. In our review we loved that it is self-emptying which, again, is something which think pet owners will rejoice. Grab it whilst stocks last at this awesome price - it's the lowest we've seen so far!

So, why are cordless vacuums better? I’m not saying cordless vacuums are perfect. A lot of them still have a ways to go when it comes to battery life. However, they’re the perfect balance between those heavy, troublesome, miserable-to-use corded vacuums that are loud and obnoxious and those robot vacuums that are, yes, convenient but not as effective when it comes to cleaning.

I get it; those robot vacuums can be scheduled or voice-controlled and are automated, so they’ll clean without you lifting a finger. But, they also tend to push the smallest particles around, including pieces of litter and cat hair, instead of sucking them up properly. When it’s time for you to do proper cleaning, you’ll find a lot of that debris just shoved in hard-to-reach corners and under your furniture. And, because of their shape, they’re limited to those spots that can actually accommodate their wide width.

Cordless vacuums, on the other hand, can not only reach corners and narrow openings, thanks to their very movable heads and typically thinner profiles, but they’re also better at cleaning. And, while you do have to take the time and effort to run them, they’re lighter and more agile, and best of all, cord-freaking-free.

I've been testing a couple of cordless vacuums now, and I have to say, I'm happier with the results. My apartment feels cleaner after every clean, and I only have to clean once – unlike robot vacuums, which I have to run at least a couple of times before I'm happy with the results.

They might need manpower to clean, but cordless vacuums are much more efficient. So, skip those robot vacuum Cyber Monday deals, and go for one of the above instead.

You're welcome!

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