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ScalaHosting provides a 35% summer discount exclusive to TechRadar Pro

Scala Hosting
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ScalaHosting (opens in new tab), a top-rated cloud and web hosting service (opens in new tab) provider, makes sure you don't have to deal with a slow website anymore. 

With ScalaHosting's fully managed VPS, your resources are yours alone, unlike shared hosting solutions for your website where your CPU, RAM & Disk resources are shared with hundreds of other strangers, resulting in degraded performance when it reaches a slight spike in traffic. 

As an exclusive deal to TechRadar Pro readers, ScalaHosting (opens in new tab) is giving away a flat 35% discount on all VPS cloud solutions. This deal will be available and up for grabs until September, 1st 2021, and will be reserved only for new signups, or for prepayments up to one year by using the promo code summertech2021.

There is no better time than now to jump on an entirely different level of web speed, security, and scalability to jumpstart your website's success.

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Best web hosting s...

ScalaHosting Managed Cloud VPS - $9.99 $6.49
The platform that provides the tools for your hosting needs so you can scale your business.

When choosing the best web hosting service for your website's success, it's important to ensure that you get only the best in control, security, and speed. Server management should be one less thing to worry about as well. 

ScalaHosting gives you 100% control of your hosting and guarantees that your resources are dedicated to your site to provide high speed and security, making your site highly scalable. 

With ScalaHosting's managed VPS, security is not compromised because of an isolated cloud environment. And with a dedicated IP, your website remains safe from malicious codes and phishing (opens in new tab)

With experts setting up and maintaining your fully managed VPS for you 24/7, 365, your website is optimized for you so you can focus on more important aspects of your business. ScalaHosting also allows you to be closer to your customers with the flexibility to host in 10+ enterprise-grade data centers globally.

Why is this a great deal?

A huge discount for ultra-high performance and speed is definitely a deal not to be missed. With each plan, users get a premium Softaculous license, allowing a one-click install, and lets them manage 400+ web applications including WordPress, Joomla, Prestashop, Magento, Drupal.

ScalaHosting also offers free website migration, a free com/net/org/info/eu domain registration/transfer for the first year, SShield that blocks 99.998% of web attacks, a dedicated IP address with your SPanel VPS that helps in getting an improved ranking in Google, and a lot more.

This exclusive deal is offered on all plans. Only get the industry-leading and most trusted performance from ScalaHosting.

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