Save money: how to beat inflation on home essentials on Amazon Prime Day

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Just a quick PSA from us - if you didn't know already, there's a super powerful tool over at Amazon that's really, really useful if you're looking to save some cash on household essentials in the build up to this year's Amazon Prime Day.

We're talking about the retailer's 'Subscribe & Save' feature, which is available on thousands of products and allows you to save up to 15% on everything from toilet roll to hygiene products. It's not exactly the most glamorous section of the Amazon site, but it might just be the best for beating inflation right now - along with all our other money saving tips with Amazon Prime.

Using Subscribe & Save, you set a repeated order for anywhere between two weeks to six months per item, with discounts ranging anywhere from 5% to 15% depending on how many products you set up. You need to get 5 items delivered at once per order for the full discount, so it's worth putting a bit of thought in to streamline your order. 

To further drive up the savings, Amazon also has a range of coupons that offer up to 30% off your first order. Available on everything from disposable razor heads to dog bites, these coupons are another great way to kick off your subscription with a particularly good saving.

What's great about Subscribe & Save, aside from the 15% saving, is that it'll automatically entitle you to free delivery for your orders, regardless of whether you're an Amazon Prime member or not. Note, there are a select number of items that are exclusive to Prime members, but these listings are the exception to the rule.

If you're interested, we've rounded up a few example Amazon Subscribe & Save deals just down below. We've focused on US products here but it's worth noting that this service is also available in the UK and other regions.

Amazon Subscribe & Save: example products

$10.77 at Amazon

Purex Crystals in-wash fragrance booster (4 pack):
$10.77 at Amazon
Save $4.32
on your first order using the combination of a coupon and the Amazon Subscribe & Save feature with this Purex Crystals 4-pack. A highly reviewed and popular laundry product, this 2-in-1 in-wash fragrance booster will leave your laundry smelling fresh for up to 12 weeks. Simply add it to the beginning of your wash cycle. This pack includes four 21-ounce bottles. 

Philips Norelco replacement blades (3 pack): $17.38 at Amazon

Philips Norelco replacement blades (3 pack): $17.38 at Amazon
Save an extra 20%
with your Subscribe & Save order with a handy coupon for these Philips Norelco replacement blades pack. With three blades included, you're looking at paying just $5.79 per blade here for your first order - a super cheap price considering how long-lasting these razors for the popular Norelco shaver are. 

Presto! Mega Roll toiler paper (4 pack): $24.11 at Amazon

Presto! Mega Roll toiler paper (4 pack): $24.11 at Amazon
One of the most popular Subscribe & Save items over at Amazon is this own-brand Presto Mega Roll pack of toilet paper. While listed as a 4 pack, you're getting 6 'Mega Rolls' per pack, which comes out at around 112 regular rolls. Yep, that's a lot of toilet paper. Interestingly, the most popular delivery time is every two months so somewhere out there someone is using a lot of paper. Note, smaller packs are also available and you can also arrange a longer delivery time of up to six months.

Nutro Ultra high protein dry dog food (15lbs): $34.98 at Amazon

Nutro Ultra high protein dry dog food (15lbs): $34.98 at Amazon
Did you know you could even save on pet food using Amazon Subscribe & Save? Here's an example where you can get a saving of up to 5% on each delivery with this Nutro Ultra high protein dog food. This particular listing is one of the more popular options, but there's plenty more options for wet and dry food for both dogs and cats.

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