Samsung Galaxy S8 and Note 8 deals at Sprint offer 50% lease price

Anyone shopping for a new mobile carrier and Samsung Galaxy S8, S8 Plus, or Note 8 has a much easier decision ahead of them. Sprint is offering new customers activating a line of service the option lease the phones for half the normal price.

Sprint's leases are for 18 months, with the option at the end of the pay off the remaining price of the device, or return it. For anyone who likes to upgrade their phone regularly, the lease is an easy way to get a phone while only paying a portion of the price. And, with 50% off the lease right now, it's an even more palatable option.

With this deal, the Galaxy Note 8 is only $20 a month, meaning a new customer would only pay $360 for the Note 8 over the course of the whole lease.  The Galaxy S8 Plus would be $17.71 per month or about $318 for the lease term. Finally, the standard Galaxy S8 would be $15.62 per month or just $281 for the length of the lease.

This deal is only for new customers, and there are eligibility requirements and taxes on the devices, but there is no down payment required for the phones.

For more details and links to these deals, see below:

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 for $20/month

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus for $17.71/month

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Samsung Galaxy S8 for $15.62/month

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