Razer deal gives you 20% off anything – as long as it’s the cheapest of two purchases

Razer Laptop
(Image credit: Razer)

Razer is currently running a nifty offer whereby you can get 20% off a piece of gaming gear, with a caveat.

Namely that with the ‘New Year, New Gear’ offer, you have to purchase at least two items, and the 20% discount is taken off the cheapest of the products you’re buying.

The offer runs through until January 17, so you’ve got the whole weekend to mull over what you might want to buy. That said, Razer does note that: “Availability of products is limited, and the offer shall only be valid while stocks last.”

While it’s unlikely that you’ll want to buy two gaming laptops, say, you never know: you might be able to get together with a friend who also wants a new notebook for playing games on the go.

Or perhaps more likely, this could work out well for somebody buying a new gaming laptop, who also wants a peripheral to go with it – perhaps a gaming mouse, or headset.

Just remember that it’s the cheapest item which gets the 20% discount, as is inevitably the case with these kind of two-purchase-offers. Also, RazerCare, Razer Gold PINs, and refurbished products are disallowed from being discounted.

Razer has also just revealed that its Blade 15 and Blade 17 gaming laptops have been powered up with Nvidia’s new RTX 30 Series GPUs at virtual CES 2021.

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