Get £10 off the Amazon Echo Show 5 screen-packing smart speaker

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Amazon's latest smart speaker is getting a temporary price cut, with the Amazon Echo Show 5 discounted by £10 to bring it down to £70, as the online retail giant ushers in the coming of winter with its late summer sale.

The Echo Show 5 is one of three Amazon Echo speakers to pack in a screen, roughly measuring a pint-sized 5-inches across. It has all the same functions as a big-screen Amazon Echo, from voice control to smart home gadget commandeering, but in a smaller package.

Amazon Echo Show 5: £79.99 now £70£10 saving

Amazon Echo Show 5: £79.99 now £70
It's the newest of all Amazon's voice-controlled Echo speakers, and it's already on sale. Make a £10 saving on the Echo Show 5, which comes with a screen as well as the regular Alexa smart home features, including music, lighting and reminder controls.

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In our Amazon Echo Show 5 review, we said:

"As a compact and affordable smart display, [Amazon's Echo Show 5] absolutely delivers. The Show 5 vastly undercuts its other screen-based siblings in price, and bundles in the full Alexa experience along with the beginnings of smart routines and a digital alarm clock."

Now, do note we have seen Amazon reduce this smart speaker by a larger amount previously than we're seeing with this deal. For Amazon Prime Day, Amazon took a further £20 off that discounted price tag.

That's not to say that such a low cost deal could ever make a return - Black Friday 2019 isn't too far off - and it's worth noting that this is still a great price for a gadget that's only a couple of months old. 

If you do hold fire, keep an eye on Amazon regardless – it often bundles these speakers with other smart home gadgets like Philips Hue light bulbs, and those are very attractive deals indeed.

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