Lowest price: save on the Fitbit Sense smartwatch and fitness tracker this Prime Day

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If you've been waiting to get yourself (or a loved one) a new smartwatch or fitness tracker, this is one bargain not to be missed.

The Sense is Fitbit's most advanced smartwatch yet and it's just dropped to its lowest ever price on Amazon for Prime Day. Right now, there's a massive AU$167.95 saving to be had on the Fitbit Sense, dropping it to just AU$282 – a very generous 37% discount! That said, this exciting offer is only on the Carbon/Graphite model (aka the black one). If you'd prefer the two other colour options, they're discounted too, but by just 23% – still a great bargain though. 

Like all the best Fitbits, the Sense monitors your activity levels throughout the day, counting your steps and keeping tabs on your heart rate. It can also record workouts, and has on-board GPS to accurately record your pace and distance during activities like walking, running, and cycling.

If you're not in Australia, scroll down for the best Fitbit deals near you.

Fitbit Sense |

Fitbit Sense | AU$449.95 AU$282 on Amazon (save AU$167.95) 

The Sense is a top-end Fitbit that hasn't dropped below AU$298 as far as we can tell. So a 37% price drop on the black colour option makes this the lowest price yet and an absolute steal. It's a full-featured smartwatch and tracker – albeit more competent as the latter than the former – and you'll be getting a whole load of bang for your buck with this one.

What sets the Fitbit Sense apart is the use of a couple of special sensors that you won't find on most of the best fitness trackers.

The first of these measures stress by monitoring EDA (electrodermal activity) responses. Put simply, adrenal activity causes you to sweat, which makes your skin more conductive. The watch uses a very mild electrical current to monitor changes in conductivity over time.

The Sense also has an ECG sensor, which can monitor for signs of atrial fibrillation (an irregular heart rate) that should be investigated by a doctor. Importantly, this functionality has been given TGA approval in Australia and works here.

It monitors sleep too, lets you make contactless purchases via Fitbit Pay, and displays smartphone notifications right on your wrist. It's nicely designed too, with a rounded design and soft silicone band that make it comfortable to wear day and night.

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