iRobot Roomba deal: Roomba i6+ hits lowest price ever with almost a third off

iRobot Roomba i6+: Image shows robot vacuum and phone
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Having one of the best robot vacuums makes life a whole lot easier, and with this record-low iRobot Roomba deal you’ll be saving money as well as time – and right now, there’s a huge $250 off the Roomba i6+ at Amazon, which is an impressive 31% discount. (Not in the US? Scroll down to see today’s best iRobot Roomba deals where you are.)

iRobot Roomba is one of the biggest names in the robot vacuum world, and Roombas are a popular choice – and the iRobot Roomba i6+ is no exception. There is a newer version of this vacuum, the iRobot Roomba i7+, but the i6+ is currently the lowest price we’ve seen, and it still has a lot to offer. 

The Roomba i6+ can be controlled from your phone over Wi-Fi, and you can also use voice activation to control it. Designed to take all the effort out of your regular chores, the Roomba i6+ has smart mapping technology, so the cleaner learns to find its way round your home, and it can be scheduled to perform a deep clean in any room. 

iRobot Roomba i6+: $799$549.98 at Amazon

iRobot Roomba i6+: $799 $549.98 at Amazon
Save a massive $250 on this powerful Roomba vacuum today. This smart robot vacuum automatically charges itself, and even empties itself so you don’t have to lift a finger. Throw in smart mapping, vacuuming has never been easier. Don’t miss out on this saving while it lasts.  

If you’re sick of cleaning up pet hair or simply want beautifully clean floors, the Roomba i6+ has powerful suction that can clean even thick carpets and rugs. Its brushes are made of rubber so that hair won’t get tangled around them. This vacuum also has a high-efficiency filter that will pick up 99% of pet hair allergens. 

You won’t have to worry about remembering to charge up this Roomba vacuum either, as the i6+ automatically returns to its charging dock when it’s getting low on battery, and once it has enough power it’ll get straight back to work. 

If you want to make your entire cleaning routine easier, the iRobot Roomba i6+ can be connected with the brand’s Braava Jet M6 mop so that the two models can work in tandem, and all with you barely having to lift a finger – especially if you make use of voice activation via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. 

 Since the iRobot Roomba i6+ isn’t the newest model the brand offers, it misses out on a couple of features compared to the newer i7+. While the i6+ can map a room in your home and schedule cleaning to suit this, the i7+ now has the capability to map every room in your home. 

The iRobot i7+ also cleans in a slightly different way, working its ways across the room in straight lines as closely as possible, rather than darting around the room. However, iRobot’s newer model will set you back nearly $800, so considering the amount of features the i6+ offers, the Roomba i6+ still offers great value for money. It won’t be around for this record-low price for long though, so you’ll have to be quick if you don’t want to miss out. 

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