Grab a great student Chromebook for just £100 with this early Black Friday deal

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The Black Friday period is a great time to grab a cheap but sturdy laptop for school, especially when retailers are keen to slash prices for the mid-range models for the Black Friday deals event. Right now, you can grab this HP 11AG8EE Chromebook from Argos for only £99.99. While that does mean you’re only saving £29 on the retail price, it's a very solid price for a new laptop.

This HP Chromebook is built to withstand the rough-and-tumble of a school day and is always classroom-ready, resists spills, and a few falls off a desk with ease. The AMD A4-9120C processor will have you streaming videos, flipping through digital textbooks, and researching with ease. You could find the same processing power in other models, like the Lenovo Chromebook 14e, but definitely not at the same price point.

HP 11AG8EE 11.6in AMD 4GB 32GB Chromebook: £129

HP 11AG8EE 11.6in AMD 4GB 32GB Chromebook: £129 £100
Save £29 – This nifty laptop is perfect for the person on the go. It's lightweight with a durable chassis and high-definition display. It packs 4GB of RAM with a dual-core processor and AMD Radeon R4 graphics card. All this for £100 is an amazing Black Friday Deal.

Some of the best Chromebooks sit on the pricier end of the spectrum, particularly the models specifically designed for productivity, which makes this an especially great deal. However, the HP 11AG8EE may not be for everyone as it isn't built with strenuous and intense workloads in mind.

It might be good for your average high school or college student, or even younger kids, but anyone studying a demanding subject like engineering might want to look at our list of best laptops for engineering students instead. Creatives may not get a lot out of this laptop as well and may want to look elsewhere since the lack of a discrete GPU means it won't be great for tasks like 3D rendering. This HP Chromebook won’t be able to carry heavy workloads but will be perfect for casual web surfing and general everyday school use.

All in all, this is the great first laptop for your young ones or a durable device to take to class, made even greater still by the slashed sale price. It offers an HD webcam and built-in mic for online classes and a good-quality 11.6-inch display so you can happily stream your favorite shows and films.

Chrome OS is user-friendly and makes it super easy for even a newcomer to navigate their device. You can download and install loads of different apps from the Google Play Store and sync them to your mobile device, though for some programs you'll want to check if they are compatible with the operating system as not all software is available natively on Chrome OS. 

So, if you’re after an amazing discount for your next productivity platform, with great specifications and a sturdy chassis, this deal is perfect for you. Finding a promotion similar to this may be hard to find, even when the Black Friday Chromebook deals get into full swing as we approach the big day. 

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