After a cheap iPad? Get this huge saving on a refurbished tablet direct from Apple

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An iPad is an expensive bit of tech, but we're always on the lookout for cheap iPad deals that bring down the cost of Apple's premium tablets. If you go direct to Apple right now, you can save £90 on a Refurbished iPad 7th Gen (32GB). That drops the price to just £209, making it over £100 less than the regular price for a current iPad 10.2 (2021).

The 7th Generation iPad is now discontinued but was originally released back in 2019 and was the first to ship with a larger 10.2-inch screen. Since then, two newer models have launched, so the tech inside is a few steps behind. With that in mind, don't expect a level of performance equal to devices powered by the more recent Apple A13 Bionic chip. It's still a capable iPad for general everyday use, media streaming, and a bit of gaming, though. And this refurbished iPad deal means you can get one at a terrific budget price for an Apple tablet.

If you have any concerns about going for a refurbished device, too, know that this has gone through Apple's refurbishment process and is fully certified by the manufacturer. It comes with a one-year warranty (the same as with a brand new iPad), all manuals and accessories, a new battery and outer shell, and is shipped in a new white box. A 14-day return policy also applies if you decide to change your mind.

Today's best refurbished iPad deal

Refurbished iPad 7th Gen (32GB): £299 £209 at Apple
Save £90

Refurbished iPad 7th Gen (32GB): £299 £209 at Apple
Save £90
– Get a big £90 discount on the 2019 iPad when you buy this refurbished model direct from Apple. Slightly older tech means it won't perform as well as the latest model, but you still get a responsive tablet with a large 10.2-inch screen that can handle browsing, media streaming, and some light gaming. It's a good choice if you want to get on Apple's ecosystem at a budget price.

To give you even more of an idea of how good value this refurbished iPad deal is, you can compare it to all the other tablet deals available today. An Android device such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 costs around £179, so it's an extra £30 to bag yourself an Apple tablet. 

Of course, there are even less expensive options, too, such as the Amazon Fire tablet deals but these devices seriously compromise on performance and features compared to the iPad. Still, for those on an even tighter budget and with the most basic needs they can be a good option.

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