Vodafone's Fibre 2 broadband package is only £26 per month with no upfront fees - and you have less than a week to claim it!

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For those of you scouring the markets for quality fibre broadband deals, look no further than this broadband offer from Vodafone.

At the moment, the broadband provider is offering its Fibre 2 broadband package for only £26 a month, without any upfront fees. With this, you'll need to sign a 24-month contract giving you superfast average download speeds of 67Mbps and upload speeds of 20Mbps, all with unlimited data.

With these broadband speeds, it's a fantastic choice for small to medium households with three to four active broadband users. The connection will allow you to play games online, stream on several devices in UHD, and use cloud storage all at the same time. This offer is also boosted by Vodafone's excellent 'WiFi Hub', which works to optimise your broadband connection.

You even get a landline included in the deal and Vodafone promises to fix this offer price until April 2025. You may also be offered the opportunity to upgrade to a 'Pro II' broadband package, which is priced at £40 a month. This will give you a more powerful router, dedicated support and automatic 4G backup should you suffer a broadband outage.

This offer expires on April 3, so you'll need to be quick if you want to make the most of it. Another consideration is that you'll only be able to get this fibre broadband deal if you can access Vodafone's fibre network - although you can check this when you look to sign up. Lastly, if you have a Full Fibre connection at your property, you might be offered the 'Full Fibre' version of this deal, which offers slightly faster download speeds.

Vodafone | Fibre 2 broadband | £26 per month | 67Mbps average download speeds | Unlimited data | 24-month contract | No upfront fees

Vodafone <a href="https://www.awin1.com/awclick.php?awinmid=1257&awinaffid=103504&clickref=hawk-custom-tracking&p=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.vodafone.co.uk%2Fbroadband" data-link-merchant="awin1.com"" target="_blank">| Fibre 2 broadband | £26 per month | 67Mbps average download speeds | Unlimited data | 24-month contract | No upfront fees

For a superfast fibre broadband deal, look no further than this offer from Vodafone. For a cut price of £26 a month, with no upfront fees, you get the company's quality Fibre 2 broadband package. This comes as a 24-month contract and offers average download speeds of 67Mbps with unlimited data - which is ideal for small to medium-sized households. Vodafone has also fixed this price until April 2025. However, this offer expires on April 3. Also, to be eligible for the deal, you need to be able to access Vodafone's fibre broadband network.

Why should I choose Vodafone Broadband?

Vodafone is now one of the UK's best broadband providers, but we aren't surprised by this, as it has plenty to offer customers.

As you can see from the deal above, it has some great value packages available and it's even won awards for its affordability. What's more, these range from slower fibre speeds, through to ultrafast Full Fibre options, which ultimately can suit the online needs of pretty much every household or business.

It's current selection of packages includes:

 - Fibre 1 - 38Mbps

 - Fibre 2 - 67Mbps (a Full Fibre version is also available)

 - Fibre 100 - 100Mbps

 - Fibre 200 - 200Mbps

 - Fibre 500 - 500Mbps

 - Fibre 900 - 910Mbps

As we also mentioned in our featured deal, Vodafone can also offer phone lines, mobile phone services and upgrades to its 'Pro II' tariffs that come with a wealth of extras. On certain deals, you can also get Apple TV 4K with 4K Dolby Vision. 

Vodafone also offers a quick and easy switching service if you're moving to its broadband from a provider that uses the same network. 

Where Vodafone might fall down for some consumers is that its broadband and TV offering isn't as strong as providers like Sky and Virgin Media. Plus, it does receive some criticism for its customer services - according to its Trustpilot scores - although these are largely positive. 

So if you still want to shop around or you just want to see how Vodafone measures up against the competition, just enter your postcode into our widget below. We'll then bring up all the best broadband deals in your area.

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