Sky's Ultrafast+ broadband package is now only £34 per month - that's £14/month off!

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In the market for a new broadband deal and looking to save a little bit of money? Well, we have excellent news: Sky Broadband has slashed its prices for new customers. 

We think the company's Ultrafast+ deal is the pick of the bunch. After all, it provides average download speeds of 500Mbps, estimated upload speeds of 58-60Mbps, and a minimum speed guarantee of 400Mbps. This means you can download a HD film in only 23 seconds! Additionally, for complete peace of mind, the company also provides you with a 'Wall-to-Wall WiFi guarantee'. So, if you don't get WiFi in every room, you can get your money back. 

Interested in this broadband deal? Sky has cut the price from £48 to £34 a month if you're a new customer who is willing to sign an 18-month contract, saving you £252! 

There are just three things to keep in mind with this deal. Firstly, it's only available to properties in Full Fibre areas. Secondly, prices may rise during the duration of the contract and upfront fees may be applicable. Finally, this offer ends on 22nd February. 

Ready to redeem this offer? Simply click on the link below. Alternatively, if you'd like to compare it against others that are available, head over to our best broadband deals page and find an option that suits your requirements. 

Our Sky Broadband Deal


<a href="" data-link-merchant="SkimLinks -"" target="_blank">Sky Ultrafast+ Broadband | 500Mbps average download speeds | 18-month contract | £34 per month
Sky's Ultrafast+ option is perfect for busy and connected homes. After all, it provides average download speeds of 500Mbps and it comes with a minimum speed guarantee of 400Mbps. Sky even says you'll be able to download a HD film in only 23 seconds. This offer, which is available to new Sky customers, provides an excellent saving. At £34 per month, it's currently £14 cheaper per month than when it's full price. However, you'll need to live in a Full Fibre area and be aware that the price may rise during the contract. Want to make the most of this offer? You'll need to sign up by 22nd February. 

Why partner with Sky for your broadband?

Sky is one of the best and the most popular internet providers in the UK. After all, the company offers a great range of packages (36Mbps to 900Mbps), incentives for new customers, and some of the best broadband and TV deals on the market. Perhaps it's no wonder more than 5,500,000 people have chosen Sky as their internet service provider. 

Sky is by no means the cheapest broadband provider out there. But, when its packages are on sale, they do become much more affordable. Plus, the company's broadband and TV bundles usually provide good value. 

On top of this, the company's customer service is good and Sky will even handle the switching process for you if you're switching from another provider that uses the Openreach network. 

We think there's a lot to love about this particular deal, but we understand that it may not quite be right for you. Looking for something slower or cheaper still? Simply pop your postcode into the widget below and we'll show you all of the best deals available at your address. 

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