Get a free £100 Amazon Voucher with this Black Friday broadband deal from Shell Energy

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The Black Friday sales are here! Black Friday broadband deals are already bringing newfound ways to help you save on your essentials- and we've found one such offer that might turn your head courtesy of Shell Energy.

Right now, Shell Energy's 'Full Fibre 100' broadband is discounted to just £26.99 a month, down from the usual price of £42.74 p/m. This particular Full Fibre package gives you average download speeds of 109Mbps, unlimited data, and you can get it on a 12-month contract. There is a one-off fee of £9.95, but if you sign up using our link you can also get a fantastic £110 Amazon Voucher. The voucher can be redeemed via email when your broadband is up and running.

With these impressive Full Fibre speeds and Shell Energy's innovative new 'Wi-Fi 6 hub', you can count on an excellent broadband connection. This package should be more than quick enough to satisfy the online needs of most households, even those who like to online game, download, browse and stream in UHD on multiple devices.

As you might expect, you don't have long to make the most of this, as the deal expires on November 28 at midnight. In addition, your property needs to be able to access Shell Energy's 'Full Fibre' network, although this is something you can check directly with the provider when you look to sign up.


Shell Energy 'Full Fibre 100' broadband | £26.99 p/m | 12-month contract | 109Mbps download speeds | unlimited data | +£110 Amazon Voucher

Shell Energy 'Full Fibre 100' broadband | £26.99 p/m | 12-month contract | 109Mbps download speeds | unlimited data | +£110 Amazon Voucher
This Black Friday broadband deal can see you get Shell Energy's excellent 'Full Fibre 100' broadband for just £26.99 a month. This speedy 109Mbps broadband is down from £42.74 a month and can be yours on a 12-month contract. It does have upfront fees of £9.95 to pay, but you can get an exclusive £110 Amazon Voucher by signing up with our link. You have until midnight on November 28 to get this deal and eligibility is subject to your property's access to Shell Energy's Full Fibre network. 

More information about Shell Energy's broadband

Although you might know Shell Energy better as an energy supplier, the firm has now very much made a name for itself as a broadband supplier. 

One of the biggest draws to Shell Energy is the fact it offers a varied range of broadband options, many of which often sit at the cheaper end of the market. It's fair to say that you'll struggle to find better prices if you're looking for affordability on Full Fibre. There's also something for every household in terms of average download speeds and right now it offers the following tariffs:

  • Fast Broadband - 11Mbps
  • Superfast Fibre - 38Mbps
  • Superfast Fibre Plus - 67Mbps
  • Ultrafast Fibre - 145Mbps
  • Ultrafast Fibre Plus - 290Mbps
  • Full Fibre 100 - 109Mbps
  • Full Fibre 200 - 207Mbps
  • Full Fibre 300 - 311Mbps
  • Full Fibre 500 - 525Mbps
  • Full Fibre 900 - 944Mbps

Where Shell Energy can put some people off is that it's very much a 'no frills' provider. With this we mean it only offers broadband and in some cases a phone service, and you currently can't get any broadband and TV bundles. What's more, its customer services have faced some criticism, with a recent Ofcom study revealing it is one of the most complained about providers in the UK.

So if you're not sure Shell Energy is right for you, or you just want to see how it compares to other broadband providers, we can point you in the right direction. All you need to do is enter your details into our widget below and we'll show you all the top deals in your location so you can compare and contrast the offers.

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