Meta could launch an LG OLED VR headset in 2025

A person playing a game while wearing the Meta Quest Pro
The original Meta Quest Pro (Image credit: Meta)

  • Meta Quest Pro 2 rumored for 2025 release
  • LG expected to make OLED displays for it
  • OLED could provide visual boost next Quest Pros need

The Apple Vision Pro might be the talk of the town in the high-end VR space right now, but not only will it have to contend with rivals like the Samsung XR headset that are expected to launch later this year, new reports claim the Meta Quest Pro 2 will launch in early 2025 to compete with it too.

The original Meta Quest Pro was something of a disappointment. At the time it seemed like a decent option for people looking for a high-end standalone VR headset – especially compared to rivals like the HTC Vive XR Elite. But since the launch of the Meta Quest 3 and Vision Pro – the former of which is not only cheaper but actually has some better specs in the mixed-reality department – it’s fallen by the wayside.

Meta is clearly hoping to make its next Quest Pro device a standout VR gadget. A Korea Economic Daily report (translated from Korean) cites unnamed industry sources who said Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg is set to meet with the CEO of LG Electronics to discuss a partnership for its next Pro devices.

LG OLED coming to Quest?

It’s been rumored for some time that LG is looking to make an XR device of some kind – either its own or one in partnership with another brand like the collaborative Google and Samsung XR headset – and back in February 2023 we first heard whispers Meta wanted LG to create OLED displays for its headsets

While we hope these high-end screens will make their way to the more budget-friendly Quest line it’s more reasonable to assume that a pricier Quest Pro line would be upgraded to LG OLEDs first. 

A woman sat in front of an LG C3 OLED TV in a blue living room

LG makes fantastic OLED TVs like the LG C3 (Image credit: LG)

Yes, we know the original Oculus Quest got there first, but since then Meta has relied on LCD panels with better brightness and resolution because the original OLED Quest couldn’t benefit from this display tech’s full advantages. The pixels took too long to turn on and off so you could never experience true blacks, despite the ability to achieve true blacks being the main reason to use an OLED.

LG’s next-gen panels hopefully should be able to offer top-of-the-line visuals – one of the four things we want to see from the Meta Quest Pro 2 – but we’ll have to wait and see.

Thankfully, the recent Korea Economic Daily report said we might not be waiting too long. The Meta Quest Pro 2 is apparently being prepared for an early 2025 launch, and while this is a slight departure from Meta’s usual October release strategy it makes some sense. 

However, as with all rumors, we must remember to take these reports with a pinch of salt. Until Meta or LG make an official announcement there's no guarantee they’re working together on the next Quest Pro or any kind of headset – nor a guarantee of when it’ll launch and what specs it might have.

As soon as we do hear anything more concrete, or we spy any interesting leaks and rumors, we’ll be sure to keep you informed.

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