The Amiga A500 was the best computer ever made – and this mini recreation is the ideal Christmas gift for geeks

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OK, I've found the greatest geeky gift idea you can get for Christmas – Amazon is selling the A500 Mini for 38% off - now just £74.99.

You may have noticed a recent trend of classic games consoles, such as the Sega Mega Drive and Nintendo SNES getting mini versions. These are lovingly recreated replicas of the iconic consoles, shrunk down with modern ports to hook up to TVs and packed with emulated games.

This reached a peak (in my view, anyway) with the A500 Mini from Koch Distribution, which is a tiny recreation of the Commodore Amiga A500, and which comes with 25 classic Amiga games, such as Alien Breed 3D, Speedball 2 and Worms.

Why is this such as good Christmas gift idea? Well, on December 25th 1991 I unwrapped the Amiga A500+, and it remains my favourite Christmas memory. This was a machine that put games consoles to shame, with graphics and audio that were well ahead of its time, and that allowed me to play genre-defining games such as Lemmings, The Secret of Monkey Island and Populous.

It ignited a life-long passion in me for computers and video games – and without it, I likely wouldn't be a tech journalist today (let's not debate whether or not that would be a good thing).

For older geeks, then, the A500 Mini could stir up some powerful nostalgia, and it makes playing those old games incredibly easy (the Amiga is a notoriously difficult system to emulate). For younger gamers, it will give them a taste of the early-ish years of personal computing, allowing them to experience what I still feel was the greatest computer ever made.

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Today's best A500 Mini deal

The A500 Mini: £119.99£74.99 at Amazon

The A500 Mini: was £119.99 now £74.99 at Amazon
Own a mini version of the greatest computer ever made, now 38% off from Amazon and at its lowest-ever price at Amazon. Built like a shrunk-down A500, it can be plugged into a modern TV or monitor via HDMI, and comes with a gamepad and mouse, which is based on the original model. It comes with 25 classic Amiga games, and it can also play additional games via a USB memory stick.

Forget the PS5 or Nintendo Switch, if you want to get someone a gaming classic, then the A500 Mini is a fantastic gift. The 25 pre-installed games include some real classics, and you can add more via USB.

The process of finding Amiga games online can be a bit tricky if you don't know where to get them from and what format they need to be in to work with the A500 Mini – and you should, of course, make sure that you are legally entitled to download them. 

However, I notice that Amazon is selling a USB stick with an incredible 1,600 extra games for £19.99.This takes a lot of the effort out of expanding the A500 Mini's library, though note that this is not an officially licensed product and we can't vouch for the legality or otherwise of it. User reviews seem to be popular, however.

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