Where to buy the Nikon Z6 III: the latest hybrid flagship is now available to preorder

Nikon Z6 III camera in the hand, front on
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After much anticipation and a long wait, the Nikon Z6 III is now officially available to preorder in both the US and UK. If you're looking to upgrade to this brand-new mirrorless hybrid flagship you'll find all the best retailers to buy it from just below.

With an impressive set of new features like the world's first partially stacked sensor and a brand new design, the Nikon Z6 III is sure to be one of this year's most popular cameras. Put simply, it's a versatile tool for both video and photo thanks to its blazingly quick sensor, improved autofocus, and class-leading low-light performance.

As a flagship hybrid camera, the Nikon Z6 III demands a flagship price tag. Currently retailing for $2,499 / £2,699, this puts the Z6 III squarely between the Zf and Z8 in terms of MSRP pricing - and directly in line with the Sony A7IV and Canon R6. 

While it debuts at $500 more than its predecessor, the Z6 III is a viable alternative to the Z8 if you don't need more than 24MP resolution and would prefer a smaller body. Overall, we think the Nikon Z6 III is likely to be popular - although only one retailer has sold out of preorders at the time of writing.

Where to buy the Nikon Z6 III

Nikon Z6 III preorders are now available

US retailers

UK retailers

Current delivery estimates

As of writing, the first batch of orders is currently slated for a June 25th delivery date, although this could quickly change if retailers sell out of their initial stock. If you order today, then you'll most likely get your camera within the next two weeks depending on your territory. 

How likely is the Nikon Z6 III to sell out?

There's a fair chance that the Nikon Z6 III will sell out based on the popularity of the Nikon Zf and Nikon Z8 models at launch. That said, right now, stock looks to be holding up at most of the big retailers except for Carmarthen Cameras in the UK, which has sold out of its initial stock.

If the camera is exceedingly popular, we could see a similar scenario with the recent Fujifilm X100VI launch, where retailers keep orders open and send out cameras as soon as they get them from the supplier on a first come first serve basis. 

Right now, however, it seems unlikely that the Z6 III will reach the same levels of popularity as the much-hyped X100VI.

Nikon Z6 III: the TechRadar verdict

Nikon Z6 III camera in the hand, top down

(Image credit: Future | Tim Coleman)

We're currently in the process of testing the Nikon Z6 III so stay tuned for our full in-depth review within the next week or so. So far, our initial impressions are exceptionally positive, however, with our camera editor going as far as saying he's strongly considering the upgrade from his Nikon Z6 II. 

Alongside excellent quality-of-life improvements like a vari-angle screen, better autofocus, and a refreshed design that brings it more into line with the Z8 and Z9, arguably the biggest upgrade for the Z6 III is its brand new 'partially stacked' sensor.

Right now, the Z6 III is the first camera on the market to offer this kind of sensor, which allows it to achieve blazingly quick readout speeds and video specs without the extreme cost of the fully stacked sensors. Headline features here include over-sampled 4k footage up to 60fps and the ability to shoot internal RAW for video, plus burst rates of 20fps with 14-bit quality for images. 

As far as specs go, the Z6 III is shaping up to be one of the best hybrid mirrorless cameras on the market right now. 

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