The best drone for beginners has hit an all-time low price in the 4th of July sales

DJI Mini 3
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DJI regularly features on our list of the best drones - and for good reason. Not only do they have excellent build quality but they also have a range of models to suit all price points. One of those is the budget-friendly DJI Mini 3, which is now even more affordable as it's fallen to $329 (was $419) at Amazon. This is the lowest price we've ever seen for this model so far.

The DJI Mini 3 is small, lightweight, and more affordable than the Mini 4 Pro - and it's also a great option for those who don’t need advanced features such as collision avoidance. The deal doesn't include a remote controller or extra batteries so if you want the complete package, you should check out this DJI bundle deal for $559 (was $719).

And while this is a good deal, just be aware that a potential bill banning DJI drones is making its way through the halls of US Congress. It seems unclear what impact it will have on already-sold drones, so if you buy now, you should have no issues continuing to use your drone. But it's a situation to monitor.

Today's best DJI Mini 3 deals

DJI Mini 3$419$329 at Amazon

DJI Mini 3: was $419 now $329 at Amazon
The Mini 3 was already great for drone enthusiasts on a budget. With a $90 price reduction, there's no better time to get into drone videography and photography. Photos are limited to 12 MP but are of incredible quality. The drone itself is small and lightweight, making it ideal for beginners. This is the lowest price we've ever seen, too.

DJI Mini 3 Bundle$719$559 at Amazon

DJI Mini 3 Bundle: was $719 now $559 at Amazon
Alongside the amazing DJI Mini 3 drone, this combo also comes with the highly-rated DJI RC, a remote controller that delivers an exceptional operating experience for DJI drones. It has a lightweight body, FHD display, and an impressive battery life. Controlling the drone is a breeze thanks to the dual-spring control sticks. The deal also includes 3 batteries for 114 minutes of flight time.

The affordability of the DJI Mini 3 is a result of the lack of collision avoidance, but in every other way, it's a truly outstanding drone. The sensor is identical to the Pro version and guarantees great output, even if the photos are limited to 12MP. These photos can be captured in both raw and JPEG, while video can be captured at up to 4K and 30 fps.

Our DJI Mini 3 review found setup 'incredibly easy, with controls providing a generally positive flight experience with no perceptible lag between input and execution'. The three flight modes - Cine, Normal and Sport - give users the option to trade off speed and smoothness of flight, too.

The drone is limited to 38 minutes of flight time but with the combo deal, you get extra batteries that boost that time up to 114 minutes. The inclusion of the DJI Remote Controller also gives you the perfect package for enjoying drone photography for as long as you want.

If you want to browse more options and DJI is the only manufacturer you're interested in, then we even have a guide for the best DJI drones. You can also shop more bargains in our 4th of July sales and Amazon Prime Day deals guides.

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