Black Friday PS4 and PS4 Pro deals: what to expect this year


On the lookout for a new PS4 or PS4 Pro this Black Friday? Fret not: we've got you covered throughout the discount season, bringing you the top Black Friday PS4 deals as they appear from November 23 right through Cyber Monday on November 26.

For all you PS4 Black Friday bargain hunters, keep checking in: retailers will almost certainly offer choice discounts or bundles for systems, peripherals and games.

Black Friday 2018 is on November 23, with Cyber Monday following on November 26 – but you won't just have those two days to nab yourself a great PS4 deal.

Offers typically run all weekend (while supplies last), but we've seen more retailers start their Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals ahead of time. We'll have all the details for you here as soon as they're announced.

When is Black Friday 2018?

Like every year, Black Friday happens the day after Thanksgiving – i.e. November 23, 2018, when some of the best deals go live.

When is Cyber Monday 2018?

Round two of the discount season, Cyber Monday, takes place on the Monday immediately after Black Friday – so, Cyber Monday 2018 will fall on November 26.

How to get the best PS4 deals on Black Friday / Cyber Monday

Whenever you're shopping around for Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals, be patient and scan plenty of sites. You'll want to ensure you've found the best price online before you click the buy button.

But before you start shopping, do the responsible thing: establish your budget. How much can you spend? Set it and don't forget it. You won't want to wake up after the Black Friday weekend to find you sprung for something outside your price range. 

If you're hunting for a new system, make sure you know the difference between the PS4 and PS4 Pro. The latter is certainly more of a powerhouse that produces higher-resolution graphics (up to 4K) and better framerates, but if that's not a priority, you can get a standard PS4 (or the newer Slim version) for lower prices. Keep your choice in mind so you don't get them confused, lest you believe you've snagged a sweet deal and discover you've bought the wrong console.

Likewise, plenty of the biggest games are sequels. If you're hunting for the latest and greatest game, make sure you know which number we're up to – you don't want to regret your sweet deal on Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 when you meant to pick up the just-released Black Ops 4.

One last thing before Black Friday season kicks off: go check the sticker price of the consoles you'll be considering. Scour a range of retailers such as Amazon, Target, Best Buy and GameStop. 

This gives you a clearer idea of just how much you'll save once the seasonal discounts start kicking in. But if you're just starting your search during the Black Friday season, don't worry – we'll be here to help you find the very best offers in the middle of the shopping holiday, too. Let's find you a great deal!

Best Black Friday PS4 deals predictions for 2018

We've been waiting for PS5 news ever since the mid-generation PS4 Pro hit shelves in November 2016, and we still don't have an official release date. Analysts predict the new console could be released as early as next year. That means we could see some big deals this year simply to move these soon-to-be-old units.

Whether or not that influences Black Friday season, the PS4 is still a four-year-old system, so expect some discounts on the console itself. While Sony only sells the Slim version of the non-Pro console, other outlets may still be trying to offload standard PS4 machines, with discounts to sweeten the deal.

No matter what, expect bundles. These should give you a discount on a system and a new game you were planning to buy anyway. Expect some of the latest AAA games to show up in these, like Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and FIFA 19.

As for peripherals, expect, as always, some deals on the PlayStation VR. Sony's virtual reality headset is still the cheapest non-smartphone VR device on the market, so it may be worth picking up if you want to dip your toes in VR.

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