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Black Friday MacBook deals: everything we expect to see in 2021

Black Friday MacBook deals
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Black Friday MacBook deals can bring some of the biggest savings of the year to Apple's premium ultrabook range, and those discounts are very much welcome considering their lofty starting prices. In 2021, we'll be looking at both last year's M1 models and, potentially, new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros for some savings, though we'll likely see the best offers on the older, cheaper models. 

That's because by the time Black Friday 2021 rolls around (November 26 for those who aren't counting down the days yet), the first wave of M1 MacBooks would have had a whole year on the shelves. That's a long time in the world of Apple hardware, and considering we're likely receiving a new design upgrade from two new MacBook Pros, we may be in for some significant discounts this year. 

That might mean that the best Black Friday MacBook deals will sit on the M1 MacBook Pro, a device that offered some excellent early discounts last year but has since started trickling even further down the price ladder. We've already seen up to $200 / £170 off the entry level configuration in 2021, with Amazon offering prices as low as $1,099 / £1,129 over the last few months. 

Not only do big savings make sense in terms of Apple's release timeline, but Black Friday's discounts themselves are getting better and better every year. Adobe reports that savings from the start of Thanksgiving week onward averaged between 25 and 30% last year, whereas previous Black Friday averages were sitting between 15 and 20%. Those after a new computer were enjoying some of the largest savings last year as well, and Apple was, understandably, among the top sellers in this category.

With these trends and new models likely leading us into some hefty savings on older releases, we're optimistic for some high value MacBook deals this year. 

That's why we're rounding up everything you need to know about 2021's offers right here. We're showing you how to prepare for this year's sale by rounding up all our predictions for the biggest discounts, but when Black Friday MacBook deals finally do land we'll be bringing you all the best savings on this page.

Black Friday MacBook deals: FAQs

MacBook Air M1

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When will Black Friday MacBook deals start in 2021?

We typically see the best Black Friday MacBook deals reserved for the main event. These are some of the most in demand products in an incredibly competitive category, so retailers like to make a splash with larger discounts and additional incentives on Black Friday itself. 

That means we're looking to November 26 for the best offers, but that's not to say the shelves will be bare in the lead up. We've seen Black Friday offers popping up earlier and earlier over the last few years, with last year's delayed Prime Day and surge in online retail offering up over a month of savings. 

We may well see the same thing this year, as retailers bring their holiday discounts forward again to take advantage of the continued surge in online spending. While early Black Friday MacBook deals will likely be offering similar discounts to those that we're seeing at the moment ($200 off in the US, and potentially moving up to £200 off in the UK), things will be heating up towards the start of Thanksgiving week. 

Adobe notes that last year, retailers launched many of their official discounts from the Monday before the main event. However, we didn't spot any standout Black Friday MacBook deals until the official Friday and we expect a similar situation in 2021.

Where will the best Black Friday MacBook deals be?

Some retailers have better Black Friday MacBook deals than others, with larger stores leading the way on discounts. Amazon has been top of the pack over the course of the last few months, with unbeatable record low prices on both the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. However, other retailers like Best Buy and B&H Photo in the US bring their own incentives to the party, with additional extras bundled in or a plentiful stock of older, cheaper models. 

Retailers can sometimes offer different configurations as well, with more professional grade components available at certain stores and not others. That means there could be a lot to wade through this year, which is why we'll be filtering through all the discounts and bringing you the very best ones right here. Of course, if you want to go it alone, you'll also find all the best retailers we recommend just below. 

wide range of powerful configurations available
often has the lowest prices around
Best Buy:
big savings and often include free software
B&H Photo:
best for low prices on older models
range of refurbished models with extra discounts
generally better for bundles on older devices

record low prices on the latest releases
regular bundle deals available but fewer straight discounts
sometimes price matches Amazon with additional incentives
best for savings on larger configurations
Laptops Direct:
sometimes has lowest prices around but £5 shipping
regular discounts on a range of larger configurations

What to expect from Black Friday MacBook deals in 2021

We're looking to the first wave of M1 devices (released in 2020) for some of the best Black Friday MacBook deals in 2021. The M1 MacBook Air has been returning to an $899 / £889 price point over the last few months, though prices have dipped to $849 / £869 once or twice as well. If discounts are going to offer bigger savings than this come November, it will likely only be by an additional $50 / £50. A sales price of $849 is already strong considering the power on offer here, plus Apple rarely drops its current generation lineup too far down the scale. 

It's likely the 2020 Apple MacBook Air M1 will remain in rotation for a little longer as well since it's heavily rumored that only new MacBook Pro models will be released in 2021. That means the cheaper Air model will likely see some smaller additional discounts in this year's Black Friday MacBook deals. However, the headlines will most likely sit with the Pro models. 

The new MacBook Pro devices won't exactly replace the 2020 M1 model. With Apple reportedly launching 14-inch and 16-inch models, it's likely that all three devices will sit on the shelves together until at least September 2022. However, Apple could also use the 14-inch laptop to replace the original 13-inch at a similar MSRP. 

That said, the new releases are rumored to bring about a long-awaited redesign of the Pro system, which will in itself date the original M1 version. That's why we're expecting to see larger discounts on 2020's ultrabook, though we don't expect them to supplant the Air as the 'cheaper' Macbook for those on a budget.

That means we may well see an additional $100 / £100 off the entry level M1 MacBook Pro in 2021's sales, leaving us with a price point of $999 / £999 during particularly speedy flash sales. If this is the case, it's well worth considering the more premium cooling and speaker systems of the Pro model over the cheaper Air. Plus, we'll likely see bigger savings on heavier configurations as well. 

Will new MacBooks be discounted?

If Apple sticks to its traditional release timeline, we'll be seeing the new 14 and 16-inch MacBook Pros in September 2021. That gives the new releases around two months to settle onto the market before Black Friday MacBook deals offer up a chance for some early discounts. 

Previously, Apple has kept its prices at MSRP for a considerable amount of time at launch, however, we're optimistic for some savings when November does roll around. 

Last year we saw both the Air and Pro taking a $100 price drop on their first Black Friday, having been released during a similar launch window to the one we expect to see in 2021. Similarly, the newly released 2021 iPad Pro has also seen uncharacteristically early price cuts in the months since launch. That bodes well for similar early savings on this year's models. 

The actual prices you'll be looking at, however, still remain a mystery. If Apple does use the 14-inch Pro to replace last year's model, we'll likely see a $1,249 / £1,299 MSRP. However, if these ultrabooks are set to sit alongside each other on the shelves, there may be an additional $200 / £200 on top of that price tag. 

The 16-inch MacBook Pro is still going to be a costly affair, though we wouldn't be surprised to see a slightly lower MSRP on this device considering the fact that the last version released way back in 2019. You'll still be spending more than $2,000 / £2,000 on this device in 2021 though. 

Today's best MacBook deals

If you can't hold out for November's Black Friday MacBook deals, there are plenty of savings up for grabs right now. We regularly see both the Air and Pro on sale for between $100-$200 (£100-£150) off, so if you need a luxury laptop over the next few months you can still get excellent value by browsing a little earlier. You'll find all of today's lowest prices from around the web just below. 

If you're looking to flesh out your ecosystem, check out everything we expect to see in this year's Black Friday iPad deals. Or, for something a little cheaper, take a look at our predictions for this year's Black Friday laptop deals.