Black Friday MacBook deals 2022: sales on MacBook Pro and Air models still live

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Black Friday may now officially be over, but Apple MacBook deals are still going strong! We're rounding up any stragglers over on our regular best Macbook deals page.

Late Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals can be the best way to pick up an expensive tech purchase - like a MacBook! - and Apple's laptops are among the most sought-after products every holiday season. We've been covering Black Friday MacBook deals for years now, and we can say with certainty that the best MacBooks are going to be at their lowest prices of the year right now.

Unfortunately, Best Buy's stellar offering of MacBook discounts has come to a close, but there are still deals to be found here; you can pick up an M1 MacBook Air for $799 on Amazon, or the newer M2 model of $1049.

So whether you're looking for Black Friday MacBook Air deals or Black Friday MacBook Pro deals, we have you covered. We're scouring the web to bring you the very best sales we find to make it as easy as possible to find the right MacBook that fits your needs and budget this holiday season.

Black Friday MacBook sales (US): Quick Links

The best Black Friday MacBook deals in the US

was (opens in new tab)

Apple MacBook Air (M1): was $999 now $799 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
The 2020 Apple MacBook Air with M1 chip is one of the best laptops ever made, so finding it on sale makes it even better. You can get 10% off the entry-level configuration with 8GB memory and 256GB of SSD storage with this Amazon deal.

$1,199 (opens in new tab)

Apple MacBook Air (M2) | $1,199 $1,049 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
Save $150 -
The new MacBook Air with M2 chip made quite a splash when it was announced at WWDC 2022, and Apple's latest certainly doesn't disappoint. It easily made our list of the best laptops of the year, and right now you can get the base configuration with 8GB memory and 256GB storage for just $1,099 at Amazon – an 12% savings off the retail price.

Apple MacBook Pro 16-inch (M1 Max): was (opens in new tab)

Apple MacBook Pro 16-inch (M1 Max): was $3,499 $3,049 at B&H Photo (opens in new tab)
If you're looking to go big this holiday season on a new 16-inch MacBook Pro with the uber-powerful M1 Max chip, then definitely check out this deal at B&H Photo. In addition to the 10-core M1 Max with 32-core GPU, this model also comes with 32GB of RAM and 1TB of storage.

Black Friday MacBook Sales (UK): Quick Links

The best Black Friday MacBook deals in the UK

MacBook Air (M1, 2020): was (opens in new tab)

MacBook Air (M1, 2020): was £999 now £877 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
Stock for the MacBook Air M1 is now more stable and we're seeing some better discounts this Black Friday. This configuration offers 8GB RAM and a 256GB SSD, which is a solid spec for all your computing needs. Today's price is the best we've seen in months, so it's a great time to buy.

was (opens in new tab)

Apple MacBook Air M2: was £1,249 now £1,119 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
Another discount on a recently-released M2 MacBook, this time the Air version with 8GB of RAM and a 256GB drive. At 10% off, this sale is fairly modest, but saving over a hundred quid on a brand-new MacBook Air equipped with Apple's latest processor is still a sound deal in our books.

MacBook Air M2: was (opens in new tab)

MacBook Air M2: was £1,449 now £1,399 at Box (opens in new tab)
Box has the new MacBook Air M2 for £50 off right now, which might not be the biggest discount around, but given the popularity of the new MacBook Air, finding one with any discount at all is a bargain. Powered by the new Apple M2 chip, this configuration comes with 8GB memory, 512GB storage, and the new midnight colorway.

MacBook Air M2: was (opens in new tab)

MacBook Air M2: was £1,249 now £1,109 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
You can get the new MacBook Air with M2 chip for 11% off right now at Amazon and enjoy one of the best laptops ever made. Featuring speedy performance, excellent battery life, and a new, gorgeous redesign, this model comes with 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, and the discount at Amazon applies to every colour option, including the new midnight and starlight colourways.

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Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch (M2): was £1,349 now £1,195 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
In a bit of a twist, we're actually seeing some discounts on the new M2 model of the 13-inch MacBook Pro! It's not the hugest price cut, but we're stoked to see an M2 MacBook Pro go on sale this Black Friday, so if you're after a lightweight professional laptop that will stand the test of time, this is the one to pick.

was (opens in new tab)

Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch (M2): was £1,348 £1,199.97 at Laptops Direct (opens in new tab)
New and improved for 2022, the 13-inch MacBook Pro is the perfect balance between performance and portability, especially thanks to the new Apple M2 chip under the lid. This is the entry-level configuration, so you'll also be getting 8GB RAM and a 256GB SSD, but this is more than enough for the professional on the go, but be quick, this deal is selling out fast!

was (opens in new tab)

M1 Apple MacBook Pro 14-inch (2021): was £1,899 now £1,725 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
If you prefer the comfortable middle ground between big-screen and compact, the 14-inch MacBook Pro is the way to go. This model is very middle-of-the-road in terms of hardware specs too, with 16GB of RAM and a 512GB SSD supporting the M1 Pro chip at its core.

Apple MacBook Pro 14-Inch (M1 Pro): was (opens in new tab)

Apple MacBook Pro 14-Inch (M1 Pro): was £1,898 now £1,727.97 at Laptops Direct (opens in new tab)
You can snag one of the most powerful creative workstations on the market today with the MacBook Pro with M1 Pro chip right now for £149 off the retail price at Laptops Direct. In addition to the powerful new Apple silicon, you also get 16GB RAM and 512GB SSD storage to help power through creative workloads like video editing and animation.

was (opens in new tab)

M1 Apple MacBook Pro 16-inch (2021): was £2,399 now £2,129 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
If you're after a big-boy MacBook Pro, the 16-inch model from last year with the M1 Pro chip has a modest discount right now. That big screen is perfect for creative work or office productivity, so keep an eye on the pricing of this one. Already we've seen a decent price cut ahead of Black Friday, and it's a very good choice for content creators. For most people, however, it's overkill, and you'd be better off with the cheaper MacBook Air.

was (opens in new tab)

Apple MacBook Pro 16-inch M1 Max (2021): was £3,299 now £3,017.97 at LaptopsDirect (opens in new tab)
This is the high-spec version of the 16-inch 2021 MacBook Pro, equipped with an M1 Max CPU, 32GB of RAM, and a hefty 1TB drive. It's expensive, but if you're looking for a premium model, this is the biggest and best MacBook we can see on sale right now.

Black Friday MacBook Sales (AU): Quick Links

The best Black Friday MacBook deals in Australia

AU$1,899 (opens in new tab)

2022 MacBook Air 13-inch (M2 / 8GB RAM / 256GB SSD): AU$1,899 AU$1,718 on Amazon (opens in new tab) (save AU$181)  

We expected the 10% discount on this MacBook Air to disappear following the Black Friday period, but it seems as though Amazon is keen to continue offering customers the chance to make a good saving. So this is actually a decent price on a very decent MacBook Air, but we can't guarantee how much longer it will hang around for.

AU$2,299 (opens in new tab)

2022 13-inch MacBook Pro (M2 / 8GB / 512GB SSD): AU$2,299 AU$2,068 on Amazon (opens in new tab)
(Save AU$231) - We never expected to see discounts greater than the usual 7%-10% on MacBooks over the Black Friday weekend, and for the most part, we were right. Regardless, with AU$231 off this 2022 MacBook Pro (which is likely going to be the last discount it will get all year) now could be your best chance to buy. 

Buying advice: 3 of the best MacBooks to watch for on Black Friday

MacBook specs to look for on Black Friday

The MacBook Pro 14-inch (2021) open and facing at an angle

(Image credit: Future)

When you start pouring over Black Friday MacBook deals in the next couple of weeks, it's important to keep a few specs in mind: namely the size, processor, amount of unified memory, and the storage capacity.

The size is pretty self-explanitory. The bigger the laptop, the bigger the display will be, allowing you more room to work. This is especially important if you're looking to multitask and have more than one app or window open at a time. 

The chip that powers the MacBook is probably the most important factor. We would stick to the new Apple silicon-based MacBooks from 2020 or later, but if you are going to get an Intel-powered MacBook, try to go for those released in 2019 or 2020. As for the M-series chips, if you aren't a professional user who is expecting to do heavy, resource intensive workloads like video editing, the M1 or M2 chip will be more than enough for your needs. If you are one of those creative pros looking for a new MacBook, then you probably already know what kind of chip you need, but needless to say, you'll get better performance out of the M1 Max than the M1 Pro, though both will be more than suitable for the needs of most pro users.

Unified memory is Apple's fancy way of saying RAM, though it's not a straight apples-to-apples comparison. What is straight-forward though is the amount of memory you'll need. If you're a more casual-to-general purpose user whose most demanding applications will be spreadsheets, word processing, or accounting software, then 8GB of memory will be enough for your needs. If you're a professional user running compute-heavy workloads like 3D modeling, we definitely recommend 16GB memory.

When it comes to storage, the best portable SSD can more than make up for on-device storage capacity. If you need to skimp on one of the specs on your new MacBook, the storage capacity is fairly easily rectified with portable or cloud storage, so 256GB will be more than enough for anyone other than creative professionals.

Black Friday MacBook deals: our predictions

Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch (M1, 2020)

(Image credit: Future)

When will the best Black Friday MacBook deals start in 2022?

Black Friday is November 25 this year, but there are going to be some really great discounts well ahead of the day itself. Normally, the biggest price cuts on MacBooks will be on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. But retailers have been pushing these price cuts further and further back to the beginning of Thanksgiving week, and more recently, nearly every major retailer has been slashing prices all November long. 

The best of these early Black Friday MacBook deals are going to start towards late October and early November, and if last year was any judge, prices during these early sales are going to be about as good as they'll get all month long, Black Friday included.

A chart from Adobe showing computer prices dropping nearly 15% in the month of November 2021

Computer prices start dropping in October, with the lowest prices coming in the entire month of November, according to Adobe. (Image credit: Adobe)

Where will the best Black Friday MacBook deals be?

Of course, you'll find all the best Black Friday laptop deals here as soon as they drop. However, some retailers are better than others for laptop discounts, and it can be helpful to know which online stores are good for what.

We've listed the retailers we recommend shopping at for laptop deals over Black Friday - they're worth browsing in the run-up, to get a feel for current, pre-deal pricing on any machines you're interested in.

Great deals on all MacBooks (opens in new tab)
Best Buy: $500 off on select MacBook models (opens in new tab)
B&H Photo: Great discounts on Pro models (opens in new tab)
Newegg: Good for older Intel MacBooks (opens in new tab)
Walmart: Save $150 on an M1 MacBook Air (opens in new tab)

New MacBooks start at £70 off (opens in new tab)
Argos: In-store pickup on MacBook models (opens in new tab)
Box: Save £250 on MacBook Pro models (opens in new tab)
Currys: £80 off latest M2 MacBook Air (opens in new tab)
Ebuyer: MacBooks start as low as £960 (opens in new tab)
Laptops Direct: Up to £329 off latest MacBooks (opens in new tab)

How good will this year's Black Friday MacBook deals be?

We haven't seen online retailers match 2020's deep discounts and record-low prices during Black Friday 2021 and this year's Prime Day event, unfortunately. That's likely because of 2021's massive demand and this year's high inflation rates.

The good news, however, is that retailers might be getting desperate to entice shoppers. As people are now less inclined to spend, especially since they're paying much more on essentials like food and gas, online stores are seeing their sales hurting. That means that they might take advantage of Black Friday to encourage people to spend by offering excellent discounts – or perhaps deals that are better than last year.

We're not sure how much of this will affect MacBook deals, however, since Apple tends to be much more insulated from these kinds of demand shocks than other companies, but retailers can't just pretend that everyone will be satisfied with the traditional discount we've seen in the past couple of years.

We definitely expect to see M1 models to have better discounts than the M2 ones though, and possibly more substantial discounts than normal.

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